Sport: Here’s Pedro’s pricetag

March 30, 2015 19:59
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Pedro big

Barcelona winger Pedro Rodriguez seems destined to leave the Camp Nou this summer.  The Spaniard has seen limited playing time so far this season due to Luis Suarez’s arrival at Catalonia. According to Sport, Barcelona are demanding 17 million euros for Pedro.  Inter are monitoring the situation.


  • Hand- Gun

    17million.. get him.. and loan xavi..haha

  • Ignatius Benny

    Why would Pedro choose Inter that not play in CL? Better sign Ayew

  • Mohamed Kindi

    I fear that he would end up like Podolski he needs space to play his game again Seria A closed defenses means no chance for him to shine yet Nani is better choice

  • Forza nerazzuri

    Would definitely get him for 17.. This guy is amazing, he just never gets the chance because of MSN. He is a great dibbler and very pacy. Let’s get him

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    He sure a threat, flawless dribble also smart when move with or without the ball… A my rate he is better that Callejon..

  • Herditya Pradipta

    20 for Montoya but 17 for Pedro? Barca’s logic

  • DonKavexo

    simply i hate him

  • That’s not a lot for a player like Pedro.

  • That’s not a lot for a player like Pedro.

  • ali_inter7

    Reasonable price ! Not a stupid price like darmians 20 and dybalas 40

  • Inter4Ever

    Doesn’t seem that terrible of a deal… It’s also makes the whole 20 mil darmian deal look silly

  • Abdi

    Maybe we could negotiate to 14 million buy giving Barca a first option on Kovacic. If we ever sell him. That would be great. Rather this guy than Lavezzi.

  • Dani Milekić

    I’d spend 17 million somewhere else.

    • Bruno Tome

      I agree with you, but answer this. What other player of this caliber can Inter get for that price?

      • ali_inter7

        Let me answer . LACAZETTE

      • ali_inter7

        Let me answer . LACAZETTE

        • Zoki

          Lacazette’s value/offers are at about 30 million.

        • Bruno Tome

          He’s defenitely worth more than 17 bro

      • Dani Milekić

        At least save money for Dybala I guess. I’d take Pedro as a plan B purchase not as a main target.

      • Dani Milekić

        At least save money for Dybala I guess. I’d take Pedro as a plan B purchase not as a main target.

        • I think Pedro is twice as good as Dybala, and considering the competition we’d face for Dybala (including Barcelona according to some reports) – I’d definitely go with Pedro.

        • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

          There’s no plan a

    • aindo

      let me answer to : AYEW

  • abu ali

    reasonable price

  • Mohamed

    I think a loan with an option to buy would seem the only option.. Since Barcelona are not able to purchase this summer anyways.

  • Seyran

    well he is good striker, he plays well in though league.
    Serie A teams are mediocre, he can destroy everyone here!

    • True, but still doesn’t mean he’ll fit in well in Serie A 🙂

      Pedro is fantastic, but I can’t be sure he’ll shine in another league and without teammates like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi etc.

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      He is a winger…

      • Jr

        he can play everywhere in attack. he is a winger in fifa

        • D Hatch

          I think he plays primarily as a winger. I’m sure he would be great at striker, but I have never seen him play there.