Stramaccioni to MP: “I will always be very close to Palacio”

April 28, 2015 23:53
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Andrea Stramaccioni spoke to Mediaset Premium after the defeat to Inter and commented on the incident that led to the second red card at Stadio Friuli: “Rocchi is a great referee but there were some mistakes. Badu exaggerated in his protest and was wrong, the guy was down because we ended up being nine. But in this case I think the double yellow for a team that was already down to ten is excessive.”

“For Udinese this is a year zero, we had a job that has led us to find a frame of mind. We have reached the objective of avoiding relegation and the team is growing in confidence. Our fans are close to us, and this brings enthusiasm, I think we have the right mix to do well.”

A comment on the hug with Palacio: “I will always be very close to Rodrigo, he was my first purchase, and he knows it. On the sideline we joked about the captain’s armband, he has buried several before receiving it… He’s a person of gold and I wish him only the best.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Abhinaya Ananda

    Please grow as a champion Strama and comeback to Inter!!

  • FC Inter Milan

    Strama, why don’t you make an offer for Palacio? Offer 15m and Palacio is yours! haha

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    Ahh this game really made me miss Strama :’) I still remember that winning streak that we had like it was yesterday. I hope he comes back one day as a champion that I know he can be

  • ceSoloInter

    forza Stramala 🙂

  • Just give up Allan, Strama 😉

    • Inter4Ever

      Then he can hug him at inter games

    • febri haryadi

      yes, inter want him
      give him please, strama

    • 1nter

      yeah exchange allan with palacio maybe?