FF: Mancini wants Kurzawa

April 29, 2015 19:20
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In France they still link Monaco fullback Layvin Kurzawa to Inter. France Football writes that Roberto Mancini wants the player for his team next year. Atletico Madrid and Manchester City are also said to be after the player. Monaco wants around 15 million euro’s for the defender.

Source: France football

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Abood Da Shinzo

    Hes excellent, would so the left back suitation compelety

  • Hand- Gun

    Maria kurzawa…Hahaha. Mancini want all…

  • Boudou

    I really hope we get him but I think it will be hard especially since Monaco probably gonna qualify for UCL and will try to keep him. Here in France he is very much rated although this season he had problems with injuries, everybody’s saying it’s a matter of time he takes Evra’s place in the national team.

  • David Wadzinski

    This guy was considered one of the best young fullbacks in the world a year ago. As I woul prefer Darmian, this guy has impressed at the club and national level. Cant hurt as a backup plan incase sombody swoops up Darmian.

  • Jr

    the guy was a wall against juve. i think he is better than darmian

  • Mike

    Is it just me or almost every Inter transfer target are priced at 15 million Euros by their respective clubs. Darmian, Kurzawa, Allan, just to name a few are all valued at 15 millions by their clubs

    • Chalon

      Also Jovetic and Pedro. The only one that breaks that mold is Dybala at, by now, 134 million or something.

  • Джокерфен

    Sack Mancini first!

  • Inter4Ever

    Mancini wants everyone lol

  • Wruce Bayne

    another japanese?

    • Zoki

      What? How does Layvin Kurzawa sound like a Japanese name to you lol.

      • Wruce Bayne

        lol i thoght his name just “kurzawa” and it sounds like japanese name

        • Zoki

          If anything, Kurzawa sounds like Polish to me.

          • Boudou

            He is of Polish origin but I gotta say the first time I heard his name it sounded japanese lol.

          • Chalon


    • #4
  • Zoki

    I think Darmian would settle in better, more Serie A experience and cheaper.

    • jackabood

      Damian is 20m , benassi hasn’t impressed according to some torino fans

      • Zoki

        I don’t know where you saw that he is worth 20 million, the current offers have it at about 10-12 million.

        • jackabood

          “If Darmian would like to stay then Torino will never sell him, but if he were to signal a desire to leave and if there were to be a crazy offer for him, we might sell. But I’ve not received anything yet.”
          barcelona and arsenal are interested . very unrealistic target

  • Dani Milekić

    Look for a right back and settle with Santon on the left ffs

    • La Selecta

      i agree. Darmian would be nice.
      But Kurzawa is not a badd option. or maybe even Kolarov. Would rather get them then settle for someone like Glenn Johnson.