Guarin: “Let’s try to win every game”

April 29, 2015 00:07
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Inter vs. Saint Etienne - Uefa Europa League 2014 2015


Fredy Guarin, captain for tonight’s 2-1 win against 9 man Udinese has spoken to the media after the match.

Here is what the Colombian had to say:

“We’ve won and that’s what counts. We’ll talk about what didn’t go so well during the week.”

“We could have managed our advantage better, they got their confidence up and were dangerous at times but the important thing is the three points.”

“Our goal is to win every game from now until the end of the season. Then we’ll take stock.”



Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • 1908

    Yes maybe we will without u playing

  • inter_island

    Hope you’ll be watching those games from the bench sir …

  • Inter4Ever

    It just occurred to me that there was no real captain on the pitch today…

    • 1nter


    • postal

      So you’re saying is that there was a captain in the previous games? 😀

      • Inter4Ever

        Well to be fair… Rano actually has leadership skills but is living under zanneti’s shadow… because honestly no captain will even come close to Javier

        • Da Ruan

          Javier have had same criticism for being too quite as a captain actually. But that is a likable characteristic to me. Javier is also known for his professional off pitch. Captain is important on both on and off pitch.

        • postal

          A captain should be a leader who can rally the player in times of difficulty, when morale is low and we’re losing. Instead in such times Rano is usually the weakest link. He’s weak mentally and the players don’t rely on him in such times. I’ve observed how they snub him and ignore his advices furing such periods. He has leadership skills, but seems to lose them right at the worst moments.

          • Inter4Ever

            I know what you mean but in a game such as last night where we had the morale and advantage, Rano would have been useful

          • PhiLeo

            Captain cannot be known by their “PR’ abilities alone. you are right i used to think Rano was a weak captain, but so far he has proven he can be as good as any captain.