Medel: “Three important points, my goal..”

April 29, 2015 00:44
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Inter Channel intervjued many protagonists of the game and Gary Medel was one of them, he said this:

“It was a difficult game, In the last ten minutes we suffered a bit but the important thing is that we got three points and can return to Milan happy. We played better in the first half and had a lot of ball-possession, In the second half we had many many occasions but we couldn’t concentrate. If my goal will come next? I hope so, but it’s more important that we win”.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • PhiLeo

    Medel was one of the players that played well. Inter had the game in their pockets but made it difficult with silly pass and losing possession when the opponent were men down. should have killed the match earlier on, possession alone doesn’t win us the match, its goals.

  • David Wadzinski

    Him and Allan could be a great dynamic duo tho. Medel recovering the ball like his Pitbull self and Allan being able to have some creative buildup play. May complement each other well but have not seen Allan play much so I’m no expert.

  • David Wadzinski

    Hope we dont sell this guy. I wish we’d try him at CB for once. Just give him a shot, cant be worse than Rano. I know hes short but he could be the CB we need. Pace and ball hungry.

  • kuda

    To have allan and medel in front of defense will make our defense tough.

    • #4

      Icardi, Shaq, Kovacic and Hernanes can focus tear our opponent defence

  • febri haryadi

    Allan make him like a stupid player

  • febri haryadi

    Allan make him like a stupid player

  • Inter4Ever

    Last ten minutes? Now I know medel was drunk this game