Milito: “I am not coming back to Italy”

April 29, 2015 19:34
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Diego Milito

Is there a possible return to Italy in Diego Milito’s future? Maybe back to Genoa where he was before becoming a household name at Inter? Milito who was interviewed by ESPN Radio turned down any possibility of that happening, stating he is finishing his career at Racing Avellaneda.

“I will not return to Genoa, this is certain. I have left many friends in Italy, but Racing will be my last club. I do not think about the future now, I live day by day and want to enjoy it.”


  • Saudijac_30

    Grande Milito!

  • Inter4Ever

    Hope you live every day to the fullest El prinicipe. You deserve it

    • StopRetardin

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      • Nectro Spect

        Are you handicapped?

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        There is a thing called… life

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