FcIN: Bardi-Palermo, no contact yet

April 30, 2015 19:47
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Paulo Dybala is one of the most talked about names for the summer transfer window and Inter are said to be trying to sign him. During the day there have been talks about a possible deal which involves goalkeeper Francesco Bardi, currently at Chievo Verona.

According to sources that FcInternews.it have talked to there is no such offer on the table from Inter, at least not yet. Palermo did show interest in Bardi during the January transfer window but at the moment the only parties involved in the possible deal are Palermo and Inter. Should there be a positive development (regarding Dybala) the clubs will talk to Bardi’s agent.

Source: FcInternews.it

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • PhiLeo

    what about replacement for Handanovic once he leaves? any cash plus players exchange, but not Bardi. He should remained in Inter grasps in case no goalkeeper replacement is found.

  • Paskal Stoychev

    I’m getting a little bit worried about Dybala’s saga. I’m not sure if we should throw all in for this guy. Yes he’s very talanted but to spend so much for him…..I don’t know.If Ausulio could manage some exchanges like Bardi or Obi (not so serious) for example it would be great but to push only with cash , I don’t give a green light for this transfer.

    • La Selecta

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it. We wont end getting this guy anyways.

    • Yeah, Bardi and Obi plus 20-25 or maybe 30 million euros ? Just maybe?