From the UK: Real Madrid interested in Handanovic?

April 30, 2015 22:36
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The fact that Samir Handanovic is taking a long time to renew his contract at Inter has increased rumours about the Slovenian goalkeeper’s future.

British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ says there is strong interest from Real Madrid, as Real’s first choice target David De Gea from Manchester United is seen as too difficult to sign.

Real will have to move quickly though as they could be handed a transfer ban for violation of the rules regarding the enrolment of foreign youngsters.

Handanovic along with Hugo Lloris of Tottenham Hotspur are thought to be the favourites to replace Iker Casillas once the Iberian leaves Madrid.



  • kuda

    The problem is we are not good in selling. Would end up 15m at best I guess.

  • napoleon918

    I think his worth is around 18 mio. If Inter sell him, they’d have to buy another GK. The only smart thing to do if Inter sells him, is to buy Perin for 15 mio, just because he’s younger, he’s good and his price will only grow

  • z4

    we will get 15mil at the moast for Samir. his contract ends next year

  • marshall x

    Sell him for 30 and get either leno or perin and keep the change 🙂

  • Hand- Gun

    30mil. And we can buy pedro and toure..

  • Ognjen Dakic

    I think that we cannot get more than 12 mil. for Handa. His contract expires in one year, so he is 0 euro than. Now, we are in rush to sell him.

  • Simon Sønderskov Iversen

    Taking his contract into consideration, 20 mil or above would be very good for us! …

  • Jose Comoro

    sold him for 20 mil and buy some strong defender.
    for goalkeeper I think we can sign Sergio Romero for free, that would be a financial saving to inter

  • febri haryadi

    Keylor navas + 10 M = Handanovic

    • D Hatch

      Sure, enough cash and a competent replacement

  • ErollG

    give us 30 million and everybody will be happy except Cassilas….

  • Aaron

    Hmmm…30 mil 🙂 they like to overpay if he doesn’t want to stay we might as well get yhem to overpay for him even though I think 30 mil is what he’s worth.

  • Nectro Spect

    Give us Navas too.

  • Inter4Ever

    Even though I want him to stay part of me knows that Real madrid will gladly pay 30 mil if we bait them

    • goldenalcid

      and he deserves top football too, that sadly can’t be experienced at Inter at the moment. If 30 mil offer is real, it’ll do good to us.