(PODCAST) Studio Inter #52: “Handanovic wants to leave”

May 29, 2015 15:58
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This is Studio Inter, the only weekly podcast in English dedicated ENTIRELY to FC Internazionale Milano where our motto is 100 % Inter 100% of the time, ONLY on SempreInter.com. In this weeks episode Richardd, Nima and Sia discuss the losses against Genoa and Juventus. Also, Nima says he thinks Handanovic wants to leave whilst Sia explains why he was fuming after the Genoa game.

The boys also spend a lot of time discussing the coming season and why the Curva hasn’t protested in any way against the team. All of this plus this weeks Moggi & Moratti & much more only on StudioInter!

So sit back, relax and join the boys as they go deep into the black & blue world of the Nerazzurri.
Host: Nima Tavallaey.
Guests: Richard Hall & Siavoush Fallahi.
Edited by: Lukas Faxå. Illustrations/design: Nermin Mesic.

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Bruno Tome

    Nima is right in a lot of things. We have utter crap in the team. But that’s not the way to deliver a message to us Inter fans. He’s so pesimistic (I understand our reality is really bad, and this season was a massive failure after we all had hopes of CL next season) and THAT is toxic. It fills fans with a lot of negativity that is not needed in this moments. I also realized who is the person influencing most fans opinions.

    • Tin

      Calling out Nima to talk the way he did about Samir and then labelling him responsible for negative opinions is not only hypocritical, but in all irony – disrespectful and plain ignorant, just as you said it.
      There’s some controversies about this podcast made by readers such as yourself that obviously and unfortunately needed to be straightened up.
      First, guys, you have to understand that this is a podcast. That means it is a certain product which is Played On Demand (<-P.O.D.). If it's not the product you enjoy you don't have to consume it.
      Second, it is a show. Which means it's meant to entertain in a certain way, it is not meant to be objective and what podcast consumers often call (and mistake for) "professional". Whether it is or it isn't entertaining is a personal opinion.
      Third, it is opinion based. A host and guests convey their personal opinions that may be wrong, perhaps often are, and their feelings, just as any other fan of anything out there. It is a human right, and telling to not do so is called censorship. No need mentioning in the civilized and developed world censorship is not welcome or looked lightly on.
      Fourth, if he or any of the guys are responsible of other's opinions in any way, that says a lot about that "influenced" person, not anything about Nima or whoever. There's no dictatorship here telling you what to think, everybody's free to do so for himself.
      If people are negative or pessimistic that's because the circumstances dictate it. People, or the mass of it at least, can't be blind for too long, eventually heads will pop up from the sand and start talking about what they see. If Inter really is in such a mess as others are saying, that's because it is the truth. And in order to change that for the better, things that are not so pleasent to hear need to be told, that's how progress is made, point out what's wrong, seeing out if there's any truth in it, and then changing for the better.
      It seems as if you would prefer if the guys would put on some broken record and talk how good and rewarding experience is to be an Interista at this moment. Not only it wouldn't be truthful, it would be wrong on so many more levels explained earlier.
      Guys, and I mean anybody who share this reader's opinion on the podcast, everybody is responsible for himself, that's what adulthood means. If you like the show, and think what the guys say is something you agree with, how you interact afterwards is your doing and your responsibility. I'm telling this 'cause in all probability you're young and not thinking too much ahead. The podcast guys put a lot of work and did a tremendous amount of work to be able to bring you such a vast array of different products, you don't have to enjoy them all, but treat them with respect. And be critical and think for yourself and let others do so as well.

      • Bruno Tome

        First, when did I mention he couldn’t say his own opinion? Second, I said I agree with Nima in many things, actually most of the things he said about Inter, but there is a polite manner to say this things. You can hear a huge difference between Nima’s tone and the other two guys in the podcast. I honestly believe that negativity is toxic, and delivering a message this way, is going to be contagious to whoever hears it, weather if it’s deliberately (which I don’t think it is) or not. It’s incredibly negative and the fact that he’s saying he just doesn’t care anymore says a lot. So what, he’s not going to care about Inter if we’re doing shitty, but he’s going to be giving his support when we’re on top? That’s got a name and it’s called being a plastic fan.
        Third, yes I understand that this is opinion based, of course it is, if it wouldn’t be, then there wouldn’t be any need of a podcast. But you have to acknowledge the fact that when you read through the comment section, you’ll see many comments just restating what Nima says. Coincidence? I think not. Is that Nima’s fault, or is that his intention? I don’t think so. Many people here are unable to form their own opinion on simple things, like football for example. That’s all I’m saying. But you sir, took to a whole nother level. There is no need to tell me what adulthood means, or what it’s all about. And if I’m young, (I’m not that young in the first place) that doesn’t mean I can’t think ahead.
        And last, the only thing ironic here is that you’re justifying Nima’s negativity with the fact that it’s a podcast, his own opinion, and that nobody is obligated to think this way, yet, you’re not respecting my opinion, which, as you said, a right that everybody has.

      • Bruno Tome

        I also wanted to add one last thing. He is in a position where he’s being heard by a considerably large audience, and weather he wants to influence others or not, he is going to. That’s just how media works, I’m pretty sure you know that, and Nima surely is aware of that as well.