Alvarez – Sunderland: A case for FIFA to resolve?

May 30, 2015 13:42
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alvarez sunderland

The situation for Ricky Alvarez is in stand-by according to Gazzetta dello sport. Sunderland must buy the player after a clause in the players loan contract that was activated as soon as Sunderland stayed in the Premier League. At the moment the Premier League-club doesn’t want to honor the obligation to buy Ricky Alvarez for 10.5 million euro’s and now the Gazzetta reports that it’s possible that FIFA will have to resolve the matter between the clubs.


  • john smith

    Lol too bad, you guys signed the contract, pay up!

  • slim_blues_boy

    if there’s clause, then certainly they have to pay.
    same thing done with us in silvestre case.

  • Inter4Ever

    Take them to court and make even more money!

  • MrSnrub

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!