England: First Liverpool offer for Kovacic laughed off, next one…

May 30, 2015 22:11
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Reports from England suggest an offer was tabled by Liverpool in the last few days for Mateo Kovacic.

The first offer was reportedly in the region of €10.5 million and was swiftly rejected. The Reds will be striking again and this time the offer should be closer to €14 (ESPN) or €17.5 (Calciomercato).

While not exactly meeting Inter’s valuation, the offer would be closer to a conversation.

Sources: Calciomercato.it ,Daily Star, ESPN

Author’s note: Really? Are these figures supposed to be insults or jokes? The deal bringing him here was worth €15 million, €11 million initially with an eventual €4 million Champions League bonus to be paid for him, as an 18 year-old. He’s improved by miles in all areas of his game, and they offer basically the same/less?

Either our management flatly reject anything under €30m (for me he’s unsellable under €50m…), or I say we simply have not learned from our mistakes. Look at it this way; Kovacic has done leagues better for us in his time than Coutinho was ever able to do, yet ‘pool is offering just €2m more. Look at what other teams sell trash players for, let alone known talents. Can you tell I rate Mateo? 

What do you think about the reported offer? What, if any, offer would it take for you to sell Kovacic? Comment below and let us know!

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • john smith

    Give me some of what these guys are smoking. Kovacic for anything less than 35 million is a steal.

  • Herak Bhowmik

    don’t sell Kovacic and Icardi at any price. instead v can sell handanovic, guarin, ranocchia.

  • slim_blues_boy

    they offered 10M?! we bought Kovacic more than that!
    and in the other way around, they rated shitty lucas leiva 12M
    LOL, that was freakin INSULT! we should stop talking with them even if they finally offered an amount that tempted us (25-30M) to show them that we ain’t that cheap!
    so the next time they want to do business with us, they at least wont disrespect us with hilarious offers!

  • davide

    10 mil maybe you could take his underwear to Anfield
    14 mil I’d add his socks as well
    17 mil i’ll be generous and give you his favourite boots
    waiting for your next offer for his sleeping pyjamas.

  • Ehsan

    How we fans can obstruct selling him? Creating a banner and go in front of the club doors? Most of the fans really dont want to see Kova’s goodbye, it is really disappointing to me

  • Havar

    To be fair, Liverpool probably thought they could screw us again like they did with Coutinho. Was worth a try.

  • Octo

    Frankly selling him to Liverpool for even 100million is an insult to Kova’s potential. If he is ever sold it should not be to a worse club than Inter. And the fee should be substantially over 20million else our management is crazy

  • Calsal

    €30 and I think we should consider selling him to allow reinvestment in two class players, which is possible.

    • Vincent Chandra

      Where in the world would you get two class players for 30?

      • Calsal

        I’m not talking about class players who are top 20 in the world. I’m talking about Thiago Motta (not sure what he would cost us, but not much), Allan (about €10m plus Camara) and Jovetic (€17m). Choose two and you’ve found two players in this world, actually we don’t even have to look outside of Europe!

  • Walter White

    I can´t belive this is happening! These fuckers, Ausilio and Mancini should come out and declare that Kova is not for sale. WTF….. Thohir said that future Inter will be built arround Kovacic. Mancini and these incompetent fuckers is fucking ruining a club I fucking love! God damnit, I miss Moratti so much and I miss our pazza Inter. Nowdays everything feels shit arround the team and the few glimps of joy they fucking want to ship away! Motherfuckers!

  • CN69

    The last games Kova show very class football. BUt why he cant be consitency? If he will fall in another hole we should sell him but not for 15 MIO

  • Seyed Sajad Qafelebashi

    We must to tighten our managers to save kova in social networks.
    like what we did in case of guarin and vucinich, even it was mistake!

  • febri haryadi

    Fucking bird club,,, go to hell loserfull

  • Hand- Gun

    Kova Not for sale.. homework for mancio to give good position for kova next seasons…

  • Pei-Lywun Hsu


  • Dave

    Kova will kill it with better players around him. Dont sell him please!
    Dont be f****n stupid inter. I hate reading this shit. 17mil worthy of a conversation? Pfft gtfo!

  • Inter DiHati

    If Kova is english his price will be around 80mil!

  • kofko

    Mahdi comment was spot on. Nothing else could be added.

  • Nectro Spect

    Unsellable under 50? What are you smoking?

  • Ognjen Dakic

    Anything less than 30 millions is rediculous considering his talent and age!

  • Sherif Magdi

    30 mil.. is too far fetched… no one will pay this figure except for Chelsea, RM or PSG… if they really want him. I think 20 mil is fair deal… if it falls to 18 mil it should be a good deal as well..

  • postal

    Do. Not. Sell. Kovacic!

  • ForzaKovacic

    Hahahahaha, oh liverpool. Maybe they were just testing their luck?

  • casperv

    30 mil and I would sell!He hasn´t improved that lot since he joined us – he still have to learb to put 2-3 games together where he playes will in!

  • Chris Prado

    Well they figured “if we can buy coutinho for 8 , I bet we could get Kova for cheap too”. Inter is to blame for that. But I’m hoping will have learned from their past mistakes

  • Brad

    After the bargain Liverpool got on Coutinho they would be negligent not to try again to get a steal. It’s happy hunting grounds. Of course the price will go up to maybe €18-20 million…

  • Danijel Pajp

    icardi and kovacic MUST STAY…they improve match after match…and whit that midfiler and that killer striker ouf future is bright…we must build team on those 2 guys…we cant win scudetto and get back in chapions legue if we are planing to sell our best players…for me anyone except those 2 guys can be sold…and those liverpool offers are insult for inter and for inter fans…fuck off liverpool go and buy owerpriced english shitty players

  • Dani Milekić

    Stay calm. No way Thohir will repeat Moratti’s and Branca’s Coutinho bullshit.

    • Sherif Magdi

      Coutinho deal was not bullshit, Coutinho suits EPL style of play more than Serie A. He was given many chances at Inter…unless you wanted him to waste his youth at Inter if he would have played at Inter he would have achieved nothing… He still didn’t achieve anything at Liverpool… Where is Liverpool now. 6th place…!!

      • Dani Milekić

        He was sold for 8 million. Schelotto was bought for seven million. You see where I’m going with this?

        • Sherif Magdi

          Branca was behind all this mess. Schelotto was complete bullshit… I’m just saying, Coutinho wouldn’t have stayed if he wasn’t getting playing time any way.. He wasn’t shining at Inter…. Coutinho was sold for low price because Branca was messing up all the deals… Yes we could have sold Coutinho for much more

        • ElPulpeciko

          Coutinho was sold for around 12m euro, which was reasonable price at that time. Schelotto was bought for 3.5m + 50% of Livaja card, which back then was worth around 2m in full.

      • Fahm

        yes his Liverpool move is good, but the money? Not

      • Tchato

        He didn’t achieve anything? Look at what Liverpool fans are saying, he was one of the best players this season and he will be the leader of that team soon. His value is now 22 million. Look at this chart http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/coutinho/marktwertverlauf/spieler/80444 . I can guarantee you that if Kovacic moves to Liverpool he will be one of the best in Europe and his value will skyrocket.

        • Sherif Magdi

          which is exactly why i said.. he suits EPL more than Serie A… Did he win any titles.. not yet… Liverpool not even in Europe…

          • Tchato

            In what way does he suit the EPL more than Serie A? In Inter he just didn’t get any chances and was injured a lot. In Liverpool they managed to keep him healthy and gave him a lot of playing time. And what do the titles and achievements of Liverpool have got to do with Coutinho’s development as a player?

      • blue&black

        indeed,i don’t think we miss Coutinho.it was a good deal.

  • Danijel Pajp

    kova great player,and great and humble person…proud to be croat!!