Reports from England suggest an offer was tabled by Liverpool in the last few days for Mateo Kovacic.

The first offer was reportedly in the region of €10.5 million and was swiftly rejected. The Reds will be striking again and this time the offer should be closer to €14 (ESPN) or €17.5 (Calciomercato).

While not exactly meeting Inter’s valuation, the offer would be closer to a conversation.

Sources: ,Daily Star, ESPN

Author’s note: Really? Are these figures supposed to be insults or jokes? The deal bringing him here was worth €15 million, €11 million initially with an eventual €4 million Champions League bonus to be paid for him, as an 18 year-old. He’s improved by miles in all areas of his game, and they offer basically the same/less?

Either our management flatly reject anything under €30m (for me he’s unsellable under €50m…), or I say we simply have not learned from our mistakes. Look at it this way; Kovacic has done leagues better for us in his time than Coutinho was ever able to do, yet ‘pool is offering just €2m more. Look at what other teams sell trash players for, let alone known talents. Can you tell I rate Mateo? 

What do you think about the reported offer? What, if any, offer would it take for you to sell Kovacic? Comment below and let us know!