Liverpool First Offer for Kovacic Rejected

May 30, 2015 21:38
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It is no secret that PL club Liverpool are interested in swiping young midfielder Mateo Kovacic from Inter this summer and are said to already be making offers to the Nerazzurri. Liverpool will be looking to swipe Kovacic from a cash-strapped Inter as they previously managed with Coutinho, a move that still leaves a bitter taste in the mouthes of many Interisti.

The initial offer tabled by Liverpool was 10.5M Euros but the amount was quickly rejected by the Inter leadership, who value Kovacic much higher. However, sources claim that this bid could be increased to 18M in the coming weeks. It is unlikely that the Inter leadership will take much longer to reject this offer either.


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • Yoav Atiass

    i won’t sell him for 50 mil either

  • Walter White

    I can´t belive this is happening! These fuckers, Ausilio and Mancini should come out and declare that Kova is not for sale. WTF…..they said, Thohir said that future Inter will be built arround Kovacic. Mancini and these incompetent fuckers is fucking ruining a club I fucking love! God damnit, I miss Moratti so much and I miss our pazza Inter. Nowdays everything feels shit arround the ream and the few glimps of joy they fucking want to ship away! Motherfuckers!

  • Hand- Gun

    if guardiola at inter.. kova is a key player.. but i don’t know with mancini thinking.. he is new iniesta….


    Lol no offer less than 30 million will convince our management to sell Kovacic I believe, and rightfully so. 10 million lol, they can shove that 10 million up their ass.

    • I also read they want at least 30m. Would you sell him for that money? He could be worth even more in 1-2 years!!

  • Chris Prado

    For me Kova isn’t sellable for under 50 Mil. And I’m sure many teams wouldn’t spend that for him, and that’ll keep them away 😉

  • Inter4Ever

    They offered 10 mil !? They think we’ll do the same thing thing we did with sneijder. A-holes

  • Jack Martorana

    Hell yeah. Keep Kovacic at all costs.