Mancini: “What happens on the transfer market is essential”

May 30, 2015 18:59
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The final action of the 2014-2015 season for an Inter that mathematically still can hope to snatch the pass to the next Europa League. Regardless of the question of the UEFA license for Genoa and Sampdoria, Roberto Mancini’s men will have to beat Maurizio Sarri’s Empoli tomorrow, hoping at the same time that the already relegated Parma are able to do the same at the ‘Luigi Ferraris’ against Sampdoria.

As usual, Inter coach Roberto Mancini held a press conference on the eve of the match and with the help of our partner FcInterNews, present at Appiano Gentile, we give you the statements of the coach translated into English.

Will you stay regardless of what happens on the transfer market?
“What happens on the transfer market is essential, but I will definitely stay. We all want to strengthen the team, this is extremely important.”

Touré will accept to stay at City?
“I don’t know the situation for the moment, when we know certain things we will understand if it will be possible or not.”

What do you think of what has been said about Thohir?
“I think the president will do everything to bring the Inter to the top. I don’t think that someone buys Inter just to do it, it is a big club and you buy it to bring the team back to the glories of a few years ago. I have a lot of confidence and I’m sure this will happen in the coming years.”

Do you think that someone is obstructing the reconstruction?
“I don’t worry much about that, I trust the people who work for the club. There will be work, it will be a very busy month and we will do our best to have everything ready for July, other things don’t matter.”

What is your message for Parma? Do you expect a gift?
“If Sampdoria reaches Europe it will mean that they will have deserved it. We’ll see, Parma will play its game, give their all as always.”

Are you relieved that the season is over? Who wins between Juventus and Barcelona?
“In a final anything can happen, the forces don’t count on the pitch. For 90 minutes they start evenly. I’m sorry the season will end because we have no way to get back on top. I understand it was a troubled season. We will try to take a break to start the new season at best. At the end when you finish the championship there’s always regret, also thinking of the missed opportunities.”

Sorry or disappointed by Podolski?
“It was an honor to work with him, he is a great professional. It takes time when you change country. I thank him because he has always done his best.”

Have you noted a difficulty in convincing players to come to Milan?
“No, it doesn’t exist. The problem is that it is not easy to convince some players that make a difference to not play the Champions League. Inter is Inter, the history speaks clearly and the club is appreciated as always. I guess you could make a good team too. We are searching for important players.”

Sometimes you’re exposed talking about major players…
“No, that’s not true. You ask me the questions and I answer with kindness. I always told it like it is, sometimes it is not easy to complete certain negotiations. I would not want to be rude and not answer these questions.”

Can you get Benatia?
“I don’t know, I never spoke to him. It will not be easy, Bayern Munich will not want to sell it. I can only say that he is very good.”

Is Kovacic the focus of the project for the next season?
“Right now, absolutely. And as mentioned before, it is easy to see the future. We want to build a strong team.”

What went wrong this season? How can you improve the defense?
“I believe that the defense needs reinforcements, but we can also work with the players we have. The defense is vital, new players will come along with those who are there now. The season is negative, this is football. But we still improved, despite the results.”

Is there a chance to see Felipe Melo at Inter?
“I have a great relationship with him, he has changed compared to the first Felipe Melo. But he is playing for an important team that will play in the Champions League.”

Does the return of Raiola make you think of a particular player returning?
“Yes, he was here and we said hello, but I don’t know what he had been talking about.”

Which player has surprised you the most and who do you expect more from next season?
“Everyone can do better: Mateo has to grow, Icardi the same. Even Palacio can do more without the World Cup behind him. Medel is the player who surprised me the most.”

Will Nagatomo stay?
“He is very versatile, he can play both to the right and to the left. He always trains, he is never out of place. I think he will stay in Milan.”

In your opinion, what should he improve?
“He is a good player, but as everyone else he can improve. But he is already a player of excellent quality.”

Will it be important to act swiftly on the transfer market?
“Absolutely, already in July I would like to have the players in training camp. Those who will be involved in the Coppa America will come later, but it will be necessary to have a good foundation.”

No one leaves, no one comes: how would you react?
“I don’t think this will happen. In the end the results count, then we need to look to the future. I don’t think it is a true solution.”

Was there was a moment when things turned in a certain way and that led to this ranking?
“I have been a coach for many years, but I’ve never worked in such an unfortunate and particular moment like this. Everything has been particular, but this can happen. After the victory against Cagliari we would have been able to give more, but then came the punctual defeat.”

What is the first mistake to avoid in the coming season?
“First of all we will have to build the team, then we have to work to understand what will be the ideal training and get to know new players. Mistakes can happen, but it will lead to losing important points. The preparation will be important.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson