Dziekanowski: “Duda is not worth 8 million euro’s”

May 31, 2015 19:02
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Ondrej Duda

Dariusz Dziekanowski who was the assistant coach in the Polish national team between 2006-2008 talked about the rumours that connect Ondrej Duda to Inter for 8 million euro’s:

“The ammount that is mentioned is surreal, Duda is worth a lot less than that at the moment. I don’t think that any team from a great championship is ready to invest that kind of ammount from Duda. An ammount like that could arrive from China or another low level championship where they have a lot of money. Though Duda wouldn’t want to leave for a club like that.”


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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • interfan@asean

    I got the feeling he will end up like Ricky Alvarez

  • PhiLeo

    Theres a truth in what this man said, although theres a hint of insult there as well. The kid is basically unknown. It is a gamble.

  • CN69

    good player but for max 5 mio

  • Inter4Ever

    It’s a gamble that’s for sure.

  • chris 9

    We did the same thing with murillo . Hope we don’t end up like parma

  • jackabood

    i know this was a little high . i think he deserves 5.5 max