MP: Here is Inter’s offer for Allan

May 31, 2015 01:31
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Yaya Toure seems destined to stay at Manchester City, which has forced Inter to look for another midfielder.  One of the names that the Nerazzurri are interested in is Allan.  The Brazilian has had a good season with Udinese, and is ready to “join a big club,” according to Udinese’s sporting director.  Mediaset Premium reports that Inter will offer Udinese 10 million euros plus Gaston Camara for Allan.

Source: FcInter

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Asteroid

    It s goin to be painful seeing camara becoming a strong right wing… But for allan it could worth it… Atm camara just plays with right foot. But, we should have probably tested it in serie A… I think its not easy to understand his real value atm. But my first concern is building the team starting from kovacic… Hope allan is goin to be the substitute for medel not for mateo.

  • Ehsan

    It’s too sad to see another talent goes away..but this is football and I can understand it

  • jackabood


    mayke- skrtel- murillo- santon

    —Allan —Motta—-kovacic–


    that would be a dream of mine . cuadrado is a bit unrealistic .falque is more realistic.

    • kuda

      Well I have to agree here, except handa for sergio romero.

      • jackabood

        why ? remero isn’t really better than handa . and there is a big chance that he’ll stay since we didn’t get any offers

        • kuda

          well that was based on assumption that Handa will definitely be sold. of course I’d be happy if he decided to stay and renewed.

          • jackabood

            i really can’t find a place where someone(cl) would want him , supposedly he wants CL football . he recent interview kinda indicate that he might stay .

          • kuda

            well Roma did, but they want Handa for only 5m. what a joke

  • Octo

    Allan for this price would be amazing!! camara is a great talent it’s true but we seem incapable of developing multiple talents at once. 🙁 allan is the sort of player we actually need too

  • CN69


    Santon – Murillo – Glik – Jesus

    ———Allan —T.Motta——–

    —Shaqiri – Duda – Pedro—–


    Glik Captain = 8 MIO
    Romero = free
    Allan = 15 MIO
    T.Motta = free
    Duda = ~5Mio
    Pedro = 10 MIO

    makes together: 38 Mio and Thohir are willing to give 50 Mio.

    • Solberg – Norway

      pedro for 10mill is a joke.. he’s worth 20 atleast. maybe 25..

      beside of that. its not a bad setup.
      but, if inter gets 50m and will sell kova, icardi, guarin, hernanes, ranocchia (3 of 5 “should be”-starters) as your formation implies one can assume 110m +/- to spend. the team could be way better. i would have put jesus on the bench and buy darmian at least. can’t think of more actually. don’t you think hernanes is better than duda?

      i have question-marks on glik and duda though. are they good?

  • chris 9

    We really should be serious about this ! We must close the deal before any other rich team gets intrested !

  • Inter4ever

    Swap Allan with Crapnocchia or Guarin..

    • Zselic

      too bad Udinese has one of the best scouting teams in the world…

      • Solberg – Norway

        and i doubt strama would have one of those back to work with, lol

        • casperv

          stramme looks set for being sacked after the games today so maybe the new coach has other ideas!

      • casperv

        ours is not bad either but we just cant buy all the talents around plus we want to buy players not youngsters like Udinse, Palermo and others do!

    • Udinese are a small provincial club with a precise wage cap. They are unable to afford Guarin’s wage of 3m/season, their highest erner is legend forward Di Natale with around 1m/season!

      Plus, they are very good in transfer dealings, not dumb. They will take money for Allan, probably between 12-15m. Guarin should be sold somewhere, I’m thinking La Liga and with that money we should buy Allan.

  • Seyed Sajad Qafelebashi

    We even ready to get them ranochia for free!

  • febri haryadi

    Come Udinese, we just want only one of your squad,
    take the money, make Gaston Camara be another Beast and sell again to inter

  • Alit Suwirya

    don’t give camara please, just give another primavera player

  • Herditya Pradipta

    With Kondogbia being chased by Pool and United, this is the best option that we can get.

  • Dave

    Insert a buy back clause!

  • Hamdan

    A strong box-to-box mid under 25. For 10 mil, he could be a great buy.

    • casperv

      him with a great regista behind him (motta hopefully) and Hernanes infront, would be great!

      • Hamdan

        Couldn’t agree more.

  • kuda

    He’s a perfect player for inter. Please Inter secure him ASAP!

  • Inter4Ever

    10 mil + camara is a very good offer – Udinese need youth striker right now

    • Bella Soraya

      If I were Thohir 12 mil + ranochia for free is logic..

      • Inter4Ever

        Well thohir isn’t the one behind these deals lol – besides Rano is going to haunt us for a long time

  • Chris Prado

    Udinese. Please. Accept. This. Offer.

    • Dani Milekić

      They probably will. Camara is great prospect and they have an eye for that.

      • Chris Prado

        Very true. Keeping my hopes up

  • Budi Wibowo

    Finally, an inter material and one of interisti most wanted players entering this site radar 🙂