Palacio: “I hope the club is able to sign some top-players”

May 31, 2015 23:39
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Rodrigo Palacio was interviewed by Inter Channel after the game and had the following things to say:

“It’s a shame we couldn’t get into the Europa League but we gave it our best shot. Now we must look to do better next season. Icardi? Mauro is a top-class goalscorer and so is Toni. Mauro just needed one more to claim the title by himself. Next season? Hopefully the club will be able to bring in some top players who can help us get back to challenging for the top spots.”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Finally we’re not saying “everything’s going well, we’re on the right track” but instead recognize the need to bring in players and make lots of changes to be able to win.

    Step 1, though the goal is still far, far ahead.

  • Inter4Ever

    There should be a revolution in defence… but sadly Rano will never get the boot

    • blue&black

      let’s hope he does.

  • FB

    I just hope we’ll have a defense next season, playing without one has proven too difficult..

    • frigo

      No doubt about it, that our defenders are not good enough. But we’re mistaken if think that that’s the only problem. Bigger problem is our organization when we lose the ball and our defensive play as a team. Defense starts with strikers and finish with goalkeeper. Even the best defenders in the world, can’t defending effectively only by themselves.

      • FB

        Yes, I agree and getting more stability to the midfield, avoiding being overplayed by opponents, would reduce the pressure on the defense. But still way to many goals have been conceded due to personal errors in the defense, which simply should not occur on this level.

    • Nectro Spect

      Our midfield is horrible too