Ag. Imbula: “Inter moved first, no agreement with Marseille”

June 28, 2015 16:02
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Giannelli Imbula’s agent has been speaking to about a twist in the deal that could bring the midfielder to Inter.

Agent Willy Ndagi has said there is still to be an agreement between Inter and Marseille. Here are his words:

What is the will of Imbula? Do Inter remain ahead of Porto?

“Inter are the team that moved first for Imbula and they are determined to take the player but the offer made to Marseille was unsatisfactory which is why the French club are considering other proposals.”

“We have been approached by other clubs which will soon become concrete offers.”




Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • postal

    Numerous sites say he’s chosen Porto already. Me thinks his dad is just trying to get a better deal for him from Inter right now. So if Mancio wants him, Mancio gets him.

  • Kk

    Well, its too early to say anything about Imbula, but if money are the case, then we know that he has not the mentality we need in our team….

  • Hire Moggi Over Fassone

    This shows the Inter formula is not full proof

  • Hire Moggi Over Fassone

    So Imbula prefers Portugal to Italy, He’d rather win the Portuguese league than Serie A. Shows the kind of mentality he and his Agent have. Its obvious they don’t care about his career but only about money. Liverpool offered more cash, Shaq chose Inter. Milan offered more Cash Kondo chose Inter. That my fellow interisti are Champions who like a challenge Imbula on the other hand is takeing two steps back because Portuguese league is behind the French league which is also behind Serie A. instead of moving forward he decides to go back Mediocre Mentality for a soon to be Average player.

    • Indelible72

      I was thinking the same thing. Also, why leave France for Portugal when you’re that young and talented!

  • andre

    darmian please

  • DonTuliosS Interista

    We need more midfielders so we need this guy A.S.A.P. Kondogbia,Medel,Gnoukuri,Brozovic,Kovacic,Hernanes,Guarin are not enough!!!
    As i said before we desperately need this guy,we need alternatives to our starting 11(eleven)!!!!!

  • Black and blue

    It looks like imbula is going to Porto unless inter doesn’t respond back with another offer :/

    • Black and blue

      Great now there is conflicting reports that imbula is going to Milan for inter , idk what to believe :/

      • DonTuliosS Interista

        i hope you are wrong,i really do

        • Black and blue

          Me too lol

          • DonTuliosS Interista

            Anyway i was just reading that imbulas father/agent was asked about rumours from Porto bidding for him,and he said :
            ”Yes,Gianelli has said yes to Porto”

          • Rikard Olsson

            Probably because he wants his son to get a higher salary offer from Inter. Remember the previous offer was about 50% of Kondogbia’s.

  • Herak Bhowmik

    we already hv got Kondogbia. Spend the money on Berardi.

  • ASC

    we could use a box to box midfielder.. imagine kovacic/hernanes – kondogbia/medel – imbula/brozovic

    our midfield would be set

  • Chris Prado

    Inter are getting a taste of their own medicine lol
    Let’s see what happens now

  • Oneal Barkho

    I dont think Porto will pay 35 mil for him, Porto sells players for high not buy them. Its all BS news to increase the offer for Imbula. I say screw it, we have Medel and Gnoukouri to fill that position, we should save the money and get Salah, Cuadrado and Perisic, any of the two would be good.

  • Hand- Gun

    Don’t get him.. ramirez is better..

  • CN69

    come the player is ours, dont be arrogant so we lose him. WE NEED HIM BESIDE KONDO

  • ryanrsh

    Lets go for witsel or motta (low price option)

  • just take it..or leave more drama..

  • Debi Laurentius

    Good then, we can save 20 Mil to bring wing back and winger, plus we can let Gnoukouri grow…

    • Debi Laurentius

      Does anyone think about ever banega?

  • FGM5

    I’m a Porto fan…and I don’t believe Porto will do that….Portuguese clubs have never spent that kind of money in a player…the only possibility is with help from investment funds…

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    its fine spend that money for a winger

  • Pei-Lywun Hsu


    • kovacicisgod

      nearly everyone in the world is a mercenary

      • Pei-Lywun Hsu

        Yeah, they are talking sh*t!!

  • Ognjen Dakic

    We need this man! We cannot rely on Kovacic and Guarin.

  • postal

    He’s good but getting him means either Kovacic or Hernanes goes. I think we should concentrate on a winger/attacker and a fullback now.

    • Enes Aliu

      And i would be madly happy if he coming means Hernanes going ^_^

  • 1908

    Another Paulinho/Lucas ect saga…..

  • Nerazzuro21

    Well it’s obvious someone is lying.Either we had never reached an agreement with OM or Imbula doesn’t want to come to us.And his manager avoided talking about the will of the player.So i’m afarid he’s gone

  • Boudou

    I think the priority should be on the wings now, and a vice Icardi

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Ok…He’s gone…

    Especially if porto come s with cash money…

    • AJ Harding

      Porto have never spent that kind of money to my knowledge

  • Inter4Ever

    I’d rather we spend 20 mil on darmian…

  • Abood Da Shinzo

    There was an agreement thou!