Bergomi: “Inter can challenge Juventus. Kondogbia…”

June 28, 2015 17:24
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Giuseppe Bergomi


Ex Inter captain Giuseppe Bergomi has been giving his opinion on the impact of Inter on the market and what impact this could have on Serie A through the pages of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It’s always good to bring in physical players. People like Miranda, Murillo and Kondogbia can establish themselves in Serie A.”

“I remember Mancini’s first stint in charge, Inter had players like Ibrahimovic, Cruz, Vieira, Materazzi and even those players who were small in size like Dejan Stankovic had strength.”

“Inter just have to figure out who will leave but if the team stays like this it would be incredible. They would also be able to challenge Juventus and compete for the Scudetto.”

“Kondogbia convinces me a lot because he is physical and has good feet.”



Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Madguru

    With Mazzari as coach there was no chance in hell of finishing better than 5th. He always believed he could make a Cavani out of a Jonathan.

  • Inter_RMX

    Every year we say this we will challenge for scudetto and we end season in middle of table. Optimism is nr. 1.

    • ForzaKovacic

      I don’t think anyone had high hopes for last season.
      we wanted top 3 for a while when Mancini first came, but then it died down.

      If we get a fullback and a Winger we should be set.

  • Inter4Ever

    Then I guess felipe melo would be the best player XD
    Just kidding these players are strong and determined and that’s what we are lacking