Miranda still cryptic: “Inter? Yes, maybe”

June 28, 2015 17:51
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Even though the deal is more or less finalized,  and the player himself revealed his future club destination a few days ago, Joao Miranda prefers to keep quiet about his coming move to Inter. To the point where, when interviewed outside the national team’s hotel in Concepción after being knocked out of the Copa America, the Brazilian defender declared: “Inter? Yes, maybe..” before adding that his future will be more clear “in the next couple of days”.

Source: FcInterNews.it

  • FC Inter Milan

    Don’t spend big money for Miranda. Keep in mind that he is aging and a reason why Atletico is willing to let him go! We have Ranocchia, Murillo, Andreolli and JJ in central defense. So Rano-Murillo will do better, I guess. If Fabian Schar/Rugani/Shkodran Mustafi comes in, it will be perfect in Inter’s defense.

  • Herak Bhowmik

    It may be a blessing in disguise if he does not join Inter. Spending 15m on a 30 yrs old defender may not be wise. I would hv preferred a younger defender, maybe Dragovic.

  • Eusebio

    After getting knocked out of a international tournament I think the last thing on someones mind is a question about their next club… He will join, just wrong time to ask him that question.

    • Rikard Olsson

      Yes exactly. He just wanted to get away from the journalists for some peace of mind. If he would say yes, then I dont think the journalists would respond only with “Oh okay, cool…”. They would bombard him with questions about joining this glorious club.

  • Jack Martorana

    If Miranda doesn’t come to us then that means another year of Ranocchia. Holy hell I’m not ready for that again.

    • Mohamed

      Many interista hope and think that Miranda was going to partner up with Murillo, but in reality it was ranocchia since his captain and Miranda, with Murillo rotating between both. It’s not what I want but since there is no captain in this team other than him and guarin(since he was captain whenever rano wasn’t playing).. Only time will tell if inters renewal for rannocchia only means for them to sell him it would be wonderful but no one wants him.

      • Grandier Delacour

        I wouldn’t mind if Handanovic became our captain and kick the frog out…

        • FC Inter Milan

          Dream boy. Handanovic is not a leader. He can’t even say a single word to organize defenders.

          • Grandier Delacour

            One of the best goalie in the world can’t organize his defenders you said? The frog can handle his team better then? Lol.. No goalie in the world can organize a player with no brain, let alone that the no brainer player are actually the captain himself who’s too dependant to his partners skills.. Many people said that Zanetti’s judgement about this frog is correct and im sick of it, Zanetti isn’t a God he can get wrong too. Heck i will even choose Guarin over the frog any times, and yes it’s my dream comes true if we can get rid of that frog, kiddo.

  • Inter4Ever

    Come on… don’t make me nervous…

  • Forza inter

    he’s supposedly close to us. he renewed his contract with atletico so they can loan him to us. it’s a big chance he’s coming.