Di Marzio: Chelsea willing to loan Cuadrado, Mertens

June 29, 2015 23:43
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Inter have been very active on the transfer market.  The Nerazzurri are looking to add to the acquisition of Geoffrey Kondogbia.  Today mercato guru Gianluca Di Marzio was on Sky’s show ”Calciomercato – L’originale,” and he spoke about Inter’s mercato.  The specialist states that Inter’s negotiations with Chelsea for Cuadrado have gone very well.  The Blues willing to loan the Colombian to Inter, with a redemption fee to be payed after.  The most surprising news was that Di Marzio reported that Mancini wants Dries Mertens.  It will not be easy to sign the Belgian because Napoli are tough to deal with.  Another player that Mancini appreciates is Fabio Quagliarella.  The Torino player could become a vise-Icardi.

Source: FcInternews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Musavie Abdillah

    After Cuadrado, we need another FB to accompany Santon, as the only decent FB in team. Plus a vice-Icardi. Quag is clown.

  • Stefano

    On the Mertens-Ranocchia deal ..it is just too good to be true ..let’s get real:
    Napoli is not going to estimate Ranocchia ( 2 millions a year wages) the 7-8 millions we value him to compensate for Mertens price.
    So,here is the real deal:

    We give you 12 millions in 2 years for Mertens ..PLUS we give you 1 million if ,for some mysterious reason,you accept to take Ranocchia away from Milan with you in Napoli.

    ..Only way this is ever going to really happen.
    AND it is still a good deal for us.

    • Heel Chaosnight


  • Dimitris_Inter

    Kuzmanovic is going to Basel

  • Dimitris_Inter

    Kuzmanovic is going to Basel

  • chris 9
  • Inter_RMX

    I like Napoli (after Inter) but they not so friendly in mercato business with Inter. 🙁

  • Zselic

    it very much looks like the Lord has chosen Basel to be his next destination.
    2m euros + bonuses, that’s exactly 2m + bonuses more than i expected

  • Michael Rojas

    how about callejon?

    • Ehsan

      I like him too, but Napoli is hard to find a way with, second I dont think they even want to sell him

  • Brendan

    So now I’m reading that Mikel is being targeting by Inter?

  • PazzaInter

    Best transfer policy:

    BUY 2 wingers:
    1. Cuadrado
    AND one of the players listed below.
    2. Salah
    2. Pedro
    2. Mertens (In my opinion, we can get him if we offer Ranochia + 7.5 + 8 mln EUR)
    2. Perisic
    2. Valbuena

    1. Ranochia 2. Guarin 3. Nagatomo 4. Dodo 5. Andreolli 6. Kuzmanovic 7. Obi 8. Khrin 9. Taider 10. Alvarez

    = Perfect mercato, good financial position and clear road to the Champions league.

  • frigo

    Cuadrado is a good player, but for now he failed miserably in Chelsea and will be extremely expensive, when we know how much they paid for him. He’s proven in Serie A, but he was not convinced that can be successful in a big club with big expectations and huge pressure. Perisic is a good player too, but i believe that he’s not a player that can make the difference in a grand like Inter. If we’re going to pay big money, why not trying for someone like Fekir?

  • I hate Quagliarella, too old, sorry.

  • postal

    Cuadrado should be our biggest priority imo. He was a leader at Fiorentina and his confidence can change fast if the coach believes in him. Besides, he’s already proven in Italy. Salah and Perisic should be our plan B. Quagliarella is a joke.

  • INTer

    go all in with cuadrado and lamela

  • Alex Cohen


    Model own goal semis of copa america!!!!!

    • Alex Cohen


      • khan

        you can edit your own comment after you post it…..

        • Alex Cohen

          Wow i didn’t know that

          • khan


    • Zoki

      It happens. He is still doing great in the Copa, always in the best XI lineup.

    • Inter DiHati

      Even Thiago Silva made a mistake in the copa. Overall, medel was a beast through out the tournament

      • Brendan

        He saved them a couple times with last second challenges. i still can’t believe how effective he is in that position.

      • Stefano

        In fact Medel is playing great and he will definitely be in the ideal 11 of Copa America, no matter what happens from now on.
        We should consider him as a central defender too.

    • Ng Buharaja

      Is Medel currently deployed as a center back in Copa America? Just curious whether he would be effective in a back-4. A rotation of Miranda, Murillo, Vidic and Medel would be incredible

      • #4

        yes he is. I guess Chile lack of CB so they put Medel at the back

      • #4

        yes he is. I guess Chile lack of CB so they put Medel at the back

  • Chris Prado

    Let salah move on. Try either Cuadrado, Perisic, or why not Fekir!

    • Boudou

      Because Fekir said he’s staying at Lyon

  • FC Inter Milan

    Inter needs a decent full back (Darmian), center back (Miranda), attacking midfielder/winger (Lamela/Insigne) and a winger/striker(Cuadrado/Gabbiadini/Berardi).

    Forget Quagliarella, Mikel, Melo and other bullshits

    • Stefano

      Insigne sucks.Mertens and many others are much ,much better.

  • Herditya Pradipta

    Quagliarella? He’s decent 3-4 years ago, but taking him now………

  • Luca Toni>Quagliarella

  • Jr

    this mertens is overrated. cuadrado over mertens any time

  • Adil Moh

    We might get Cuadrado and some of you are complaining about it are you kidding me…he is better than prasic..salah or Pedro…he is great player we will win Scudetto next Season if we get him…i hope we get him!!

    • A~Nerazzurri

      (he is great player we will win Scudetto next Season if we get him…i hope we get him!!) We speak about cuadrado not messi or CR7 . We cant win scudetto next season .

      • Adil Moh

        LMAO who told you that Messi or Cr7 are the only once who can win you Scudetto..we never had the likes of them and we won 5 straight scudetto….we needed to fix our defence and we did.. we got solid midfield ..if we are to get the likes of Cuardado or Jovacic …we will win it all am sure…

  • Inter4Ever

    There are many pros to getting cuadrado:
    1) it’s a loan
    2) he’s looking to prove himself
    3) he’s proven in seria a
    4) he’s young and can complement shaq and icardi in attack

    • Madguru

      no cons?

      • Inter4Ever

        Well the cons are:
        1) he is going through a rough time
        2) his glory days might be over (this has happened to many young players )
        3) He might make guarin stay

        • khan

          murillo might make guarin stay as well. but i think guarin cares about playing time so he might leave.

          • Inter4Ever

            Lol forgot about murillo XD

        • Jake

          If you think about it, cuadrado being with his friends fredy and jeison might actually be beneficial for his performance and also the locker room, might even improve Fredy’s ability on the pitch, it’s not like he doesn’t have the talent, we’ve all seen it.

          • Inter4Ever

            Lets hope so 🙂

    • slim_blues_boy

      he is not young anymore… but better! he’s entering prime age for footballer.

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      I saw many player facing their downfall just because they made move to wrong place at the wrong time… They think move at their golden age is the best option, which is not..

    • Stefano

      Yes,I like Cuadrado a lot , but the loan part I do not love much.
      The pure loans,with no obligation to buy, often do not feel as much a part of the team and do not give their 100%.
      They feel like luggage just passing by there..

      • Inter4Ever

        I don’t think we have the luxury to just buy cuadrado especially after kondogbia

        • Stefano

          No,but a gradual buy,an option to buy ,an obligation or option of some kind..something..would give the idea that we think of the player as “OUR” player somehow,that we believe in him and that he is part of our project.
          Instead the pure ,simple ,straight loan for one season of a young player or someone who has not fully developed somehow in the bigger team,to give him play time and value, sometimes work wonderfully for Empoli or Avellino.
          But I still want to hope that we have not become the Empoli or Avellino of Chelsea now.

          • Inter4Ever

            I think we would have the obligation to buy if he plays a lot

  • Inter4Ever

    Hehe the news got sour at the end

    • Brendan

      you got that right!

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Cuadrado would be an electric boost to our team, but I think getting him is somehow impossible.

  • Jack Martorana

    Everyone has rough stretches. Cuadrado is in one of them. If we get him i will still be thrilled. He proved he is a phenomenal player in Serie A and he isn’t about to lose his talent in the span of a year.

  • Colin Mc Carthy

    Cuadrado’s confidence is at an all time low, I don’t think he will perform well. Perisic needs to be #1 choice as a winger

    • Göetzinho

      Idk about his confidence but imo Cuadrado is way better choice, he played 4 years in serie a and he kept improving. On the other hand there is Perišić who has zero experience in serie a. There’s no doubt about his quality but Cuadrado would fit us better imo.

  • Madguru

    Did Mancini get the Mazzari virus now?

    • Qeu

      Fortunately that not contagious. genetic maybe.
      And I think Mertens will be good for us

  • Madguru

    Fabio Quagliarella didn’t we already have him one time and he was also with Rubentus?

  • La Selecta

    Quags? We already have Palacio. This isn’t a retirement home…this isn’t the MLS!!