FCIN: Inter to keep Santon?

June 29, 2015 23:04
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Davide Santon wants to stay at Inter and it looks like the club will not force a sale. This emerged as the last update by both parties, after the Italian was linked with a move away from the San Siro and return to the Premier League. Newly promoted side Watford has been the most interested in the fullback with tabling an offer of 12 million euros for Santon and his teammate Kuzmanovic.

But the will of Santon was and to always remain at Inter, after coming for a second spell in January, when he returned to Milan at the disposal of Mancini. At this point the leadership will try not to sell Santon and will most likely try to make money with the sale of other players. In all likelihood, the parties will meet again Friday, the first day of training camp in Appiano Gentile.

Source: fcinternews.it

Anthony Vercillo
By Anthony Vercillo
  • mo

    damn it! the offer of 12 mln euro was so damn good…and now we are taking only 2mln for kuz from basel…shit happens!!!

  • Herak Bhowmik

    at present santon is our best wing back. why r we selling him?

  • Inter DiHati

    Better than any FB mentioned on this page for the last 2 weeks! Keep him! His heart is blue and black!

  • postal

    Unless we get Darmian, Santon is our best FB and should be kept. plus can play on both flanks. Nagatomo is fast and useless, Danilo is faster and even more useless. Montoya comes from Barca, full of overrated players and is yet to prove himself in a tactical and physical league. So I’m not sure yet what to expect from him.

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      I said many times… Darmian is Grosso 2.0

      He’s not that good…

      • Stefano

        Wrong,you don’t seem to know Darmian or Grosso’s qualities at all.
        Particularly you don’t seem to know Darmian at all.

        Grosso had no defensive capabilities,he was an “only offense” type of full back and he was technical,good ball touch and crossing but very slow ,no tackles and with very little stamina.

        Darmian,instead, is possibly the best full back in the world from a purely defensive viewpoint ,very fast ,resilient and strong physically,and you never see Darmian making a defensive mistake.

        He is a beast in marking ,in fact Conte in Italy and Ventura in Torino both used him as a central defender once or twice and Darmian did great each time.

        Plus “only” Grosso?
        Go take a look at world cup 2006 again.

      • postal

        That’s why Bayern and Real want him. 🙂 And compare Grosso with the “talent” we have now, he wasn’t our best signing, but even he was far better than Nagatomo, Danilo and Johny altogether.

    • Stefano

      Agreed ,the only possible thing that would justify Santon’s sale would be the acquiring of Darmian,who would be the ideal full back for us.
      But with thing standing as they are we need Santon as a starter.

      • postal

        Although with Darmian on the right and Santon on the left we’ll have two solid fullbacks. Nagatono, Danilo and Johny can go.

  • Maikel Karaman

    People need to stop been so stupid and believe everything Media is showing you…
    Santon love’s inter, on a interview in football-italia Santon is saying he is not going anywhere.

  • Inter_RMX

    Yes, keep him. 🙂

  • INTer

    why?? bad knee? maybe

  • FC Inter Milan

    Sell Jonathan, Nagatomo, Vidic, Obi, Kuzmanovic, Krhin. KEEP SANTON!

    • raimwn

      Jonathan will leave on free this summer.

  • Herditya Pradipta

    Selling him for Zukanovic is a big nonsense for me.

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      Yeah… I wonder why the name of zukanovic appear, i didn’t even consider him as good reinforcement…

  • Manc

    Please sell Dodo , Juan ,DAmbrosio/ Naga. These can’t defence at all.

  • Qeu

    Santon > Zukanović > Montoya

    And he the only player who got 2010 treble in our squad now <3

    • raimwn

      Yes, but he gave a little contribution in 2010. 🙁

      • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

        He stop CR7…

        • raimwn

          yes, he did.

      • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

        And JZ4 stop messi…

        • raimwn

          yes, he did..

  • Inter4Ever

    Bullet dodged

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Santon deserves more respect from the club.

    • Black and blue

      True , but we have to remember the club is still a business sadly

      • Maikel Karaman

        lol why don’t you say that when they where going to sell Kovacic

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        There are so many other craps who deserve to kick out of the club, but not Santon who has Inter in his heart.

    • Maikel Karaman

      He is not going anywhere

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        Hope so

  • Ehsan

    Good news!

  • Ognjen Dakic

    Please do not buy Zukanovicshit and sell DAmbrosio, Nagatomo and Dodo for whatever !

    • raimwn

      I am not sure, since we got a weak profile in RB or LB position. D’Ambo is a hard worker, he up and down very often but have a bad bad cross. On the other hand, Naga and Dodo is quite okay in attacking and move forward, but very bad in defending. In the mean time, I saw Zukanovic video on you tube. He is quite okay, I think. If I am not mistaken, he provide 8 goals and 6 assists if I am not mistaken. Anw, I really hope we got quite strong RB and LB, just like when we got Maicon with us.

  • La Selecta

    I don’t even know why his name was even considered to be one of the players to leave. By far our best fullback last season. I personally don’t know why we are linked with Zukanovic. Montoya was a bench warmer and hasn’t played much but players coming out of Barca youth system are an asset. We need to get rid of Nagatomo and use D’ambrosio as a back up (JJ could back up the left as well).

    • khan

      not that good going forward. and has trouble with one on ones.

      • raimwn

        I am agree with you. If we kept Santon and Montoya going to occupy the right side of defense. Than, we will have defensive RB and LB, I think.

        • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

          Why montoya…???

          • raimwn

            Coz, he is one of the players whom linked with Inter for fullback position, other than Zukanovic.

          • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

            So you have no idea than those names?

          • raimwn

            No.. I just read the news from sempreinter or based on google search. Do you heard any other names that linked to Inter recently?

      • PhiLeo

        with the idea of “wingers” expected for next season, maybe his role is just defensive duty with only minimal push forward to help the attack. last season was horrendous because Inter basically don’t have any good wide players to move the game forward that’s why Inter played a very high line defensively and thus exposed the back line more too often.

    • Stefano

      The only possible reason which would justify Santon’s sale would be to use the money to buy Darmian,who is the best full back in serie A and one of the strongest in the world,if not the strongest defensively.

      But,as I see it, with things standing as they are.. we need Santon as a starter .

      • La Selecta

        Darmian would be an amazing transfer…haven’t heard his name connected with us for a while though but who knows, its still early!

  • Rocco Rosano

    This! This is good news. Don’t sell him. Keep him, play him, watch him grow and develop into a great wide back. This makes me happy. Him zukonavic, Montoya and d’ambrosio. That’s enough for wide backs. Play Santon as much as possible because he is the best one we got. Play zukonovic and Montoya as rotation. D’ambrosio…..I would sell honestly and play di marco as santons sub. This is good…..we should focus on getting that winger mancini wants now.

    • Madguru

      Read somewhere else that Roma is taking him and Rubentus will take Kova?

      • Black and blue

        Maybe Roma , but it’s highly unlikely that thohir would try to do business with juventus , not after the guarin swap incident