FCIN: Montoya to Inter imminent

June 29, 2015 03:04
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According to Rai Sport Martin Montoya to Inter from Barcelona is imminent. Montoya will move to Inter on a one-year loan fixed at one million euro, with mandatory redemption to be exercised in a year to eight million. The signing is expected in the coming hours, meanwhile the medical has been set for Tuesday.

Source: fcinternews.it

Anthony Vercillo
By Anthony Vercillo
  • raimwn

    I won’t mind..

  • Adil Moh

    Some of you here are so ridiculous This guy is a good player..ge is better thank Santon..Nagatomo..and Diambrosio… he will do great at Inter …y’all need to stop hating

  • Pei-Lywun Hsu

    It is an extraordinary news but I hope we can keep Davide,he is a real Interisti and he was born from Interisti!!!

  • Jake

    For our last center back to purchase, screw abdennour for 20 mil! We MUST think of signing djilobodji who is leaving Nantes, who is as good as abdennour at less than half the price. I’ve seen him play last season for Nantes and for Senegal, amazing with his feet, tall, strong and quick, and doesn’t have a panic attack when the ball comes to him. my god we would feel safe with him, jeison and miranda.

    • Jake

      Also it’s not just random, he says he wants to move to italy or germany. We have to go for it I think

    • Grandier Delacour

      Well transfer market in real life is not as easy as football manager or grabbing beer from your chiller ………

      • Jake

        I said ‘think’ not sign, implying we have to scout him / have an eye on him because he is available and won’t be as expensive as abdennour, an alternative in essence, since we are linked with so many names anyway.

  • Inter4Ever

    Lets hope he can shine in seria a

  • frigo

    Overrated, overpriced, mediocre bench warmer! 9 million for this guy is absolutely insane. And in my humble opinion we have bigger needs on the left flank, because there we don’t have left footed reliable left back.

  • Feras Gheblawi

    Can somebody please tell me what is wrong with this guy I watched him play several times with barca he seems good to me nd if we consider our retardet full backs he is the man for inter

  • FC Inter Milan

    Montoya does not deserve to play for Inter’s starting XI. Bench is fine with him. Inter’s starting full backs are Santon and Juan Jesus. If Darmian comes, he will be a starter instread of Juan Jesus.

    • Nectro Spect

      JJ? LOL

    • Grandier Delacour

      JJ? Fullback? Its either you never watched any games last season or you dreamt a lot.. Well he might become a good fullback 5 years later so you can wait for that time

      • Da Ruan

        JJ play decent as full back last season. He covered the grounds behind kovacic, This is the solution that Mancini gives when he put kovacic on the pitch instead of Guarin. JJ is not good offensively, but very good defensively.

        • Grandier Delacour

          I take it that you’re kidding, as a CB he is good enough defensively, but as fullback? He’s awkwardly off position so many times, well if we’re about to give him 5 years he can be decent fullback i believe

          • Da Ruan

            No, Actually I bet you are kidding. He was not doing very well at CB, defensively, pushing too high on the pitch, and leave tons of space behind him. But when he play LB, he is actually doing better defensively (since position is not that important for a fullback than CB), but completely useless in attacking. I am guessing that mancio’s idea is to use one offensive minded fullback such as santon, nagatomo dodo on one flank, and defensive minded on the other flank (Juan, Campagnaro). This is because we only have one balanced fullback dambrosio… Therefore when attacking it is actually more like a 352 and while defending it is back to 4-3-1-2. You can see for mancio’s games, always, there is only one fullback push higher on the pitch, with another fullback drift back in midlane.

          • raimwn

            I agree with you.. JJ and Rano played quite well in 3 mens defends under Mazzari. When JJ become fullback, he just okay. If we played him in that position, we will lack of option in attack, since we will rely more on RB.

          • Grandier Delacour

            Positioning isn’t that important for fullback than CB’s? Lol positioning is everything on football whatever your position is! JJ isn’t doing very well as CB? If he’s awful how about the frog? Lol. Even at much younger age JJ already at the same level as the frog. His behavior that goes too high on the pitch are simply the frog mistake to blame because he’s the role model for JJ and the frog is twice more horrible. Mancio put him as LB simply because the other players for that post are horrible. And again i said out position are critical whatever your position is! and you should know that JJ makes mistakes as an LB much more than he did as CB

          • Da Ruan

            Where the hell did I say positioning is not important? I said for full back it is not as important as CB. Because for a full back if you lose your position, or made a mistake, a CB also DM could for you and made it less crucial. But for a CB, you always stands at the last defensive line, there is less cover for you. Thats why positioning is most important for a CB especially in 4 man defense system (3 man system could be covered by sweeper). Juan is very good at one on one and stop play, because he is very good physically. But he just simply lost his man and position too often for a CB, he is young and he still need to learn.
            You blame rano, because he is the last man in our defensive line. rano is mediocre, but not as bad as what your said.

      • Mohamed

        i actually believe jj is more suited to be a fullback then a cb, he just needs time to adjust to the role. obviously with that being said, it makes sense for jj to go on loan in a team that will use him as lb.

        • Forza inter

          why do we need to wait on a player to adjust…. we already are close to a leftback (zukanovic).

  • Nizar Ali Bawazir

    Mandatory? I heard the first report is option to buy not mandatory.. If he flop like dodo we will gonna regret..

  • Rocco Rosano

    What’s up in the pic. The kids wearing an inter jersey?

    • arisage

      I think that is his child?
      It will be hilarious if his child is an Interista already :p

      • Pei-Lywun Hsu


  • andre

    hope santon stays

    • Sani

      kepp Santon & Nagatomo

      • TQ

        No, not nagatomo.

      • farewell

        Just Santon

  • Jack Martorana

    Not his biggest fan but he’s already better than the options we had last year.

    • Bella Soraya

      It would be great santon and montoya as starter..