Three clubs after Telles

July 29, 2015 22:18
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Chelsea is the latest club to be said to be after Alex Telles.  According to rumors the London club is ready to offer 9 million euros for the Brazilian that has been linked with Inter as well. Paris Saint Germain seems ahead in the race to sign him, with Juventus monitoring closely as well.


  • Inter4Ever

    Why is everyone so interested… makes me wonder…

  • interista13

    id rather go after Caner Erkin for LB from what I’ve looked up. Admittedly I don’t watch any Turkish league games, but based off stats alone it seems that Erkin’s offensive production from LB is unbelievable.. something we’ve been missing since the departure of Maicon

    • mo

      i prefer to splash 20mln on ricardo rodriguez and then wait to sell someone and buy perotti than buy perisic and mediocre fullback!!!

      • interista13

        as would I lol Rodriguez is my favorite LB in the world right now but we couldnt afford to spend 20 mil on a LB and also sign more necessary pieces like Perisic, Perotti, etc

        • mo

          i dont think that perisic is more ”necessary piece”…i think our fullback are shit and we should work on that….when u want to create a decent team first u need to have a stable defence.. so far we have bunch of defensive players and none are good enough to play for us….so i do think rodriguez for 20mln is more reasonable than perisic for 20mln….on the other hand perisic real value is not more than 14mln…

          • interista13

            it all depends on what Mancini wants to play because if he wants the 4-3-3, Perisic is a necessary piece, but if he wants to stick with the 4-3-1-2 then he’s not necessary at all. We could just sign a vice-Icardi for much cheaper then work with that. I agrre that we at the very least need 1 more “world class” fullback, but with how stubborn Wolfsburg are with selling Perisic for 20 mil, I doubt we’d be able to purchase Rodriguez for less than 30.. maybe if they accept a ridiculous offer for De Bruyne, which seems likely, they’d be willing to cut the price of Perisic down to around 15 mil, but i still think paying anything more than 15 mil for a fullback would be out of Inter’s financial means unfortunately