Agent of Juan Jesus: “JJ loves Inter and Inter believes in him”

July 30, 2015 09:15
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juan jesus

One of the names that is often at the center of several rumors during this session of the transfer market session is Juan Guilherme Nunes Jesus, known as Juan Jesus, who could leave Inter in the coming weeks according to several rumors. The latest rumor that has emerged is that of a strong interest from Fiorentina, searching for the ideal substitute of Stefan Savic, now at Atletico Madrid.

Simple rumors typical of the summer or is there something concrete? To comment about the future of the player born 1991 in Belo Horizonte, our partner FcInterNews got an exclusive interview his agent Roberto Calenda.

There is much talk of your client possibly leaving, do you want to clarify?
“Juan Jesus is a player who is always at the center of interest, rumors, surveys and phone calls. He’s 24, he has tremendous potential and can play either as a center-back or left back in a defense of three or four. He is developing and improving. The other day, against Real Madrid, he played a good game, closing down his wing. He also showed up in the attack. Also, in tests in training he is always among the best and that is demonstrated by the fact that he always has played as a starter, despite the changes on the bench. No wonder, therefore, to hear that he is appreciated by different coaches. It’s only that Juan Jesus is not on the market and all the teams know it.”

For a while the name of Spartak Moscow has circulated…
“I would like to refute this hypothetical interest, it’s something that has never existed. I don’t know why there is talk about it. I have also heard also that Juan would have refused the offers. That is not true, he did not refuse anything because the clubs and people on the transfer market knows that he has already made more than 100 appearances for Inter and the club is focusing on him. Inter has invested and is investing a lot on his future.”

Is it true about the interest from Fiorentina?
“I have not received any call from Florence.”

He will surely remain at Inter?
“Juan loves Inter. And Inter believes in him. The pairing is solid. To separate them it would take an unexpected and special event.”


  • Jiani Mazza

    He has had enough chances seriously needs to either sit and watch in the stands or go to another team preferably seria C!!

  • Dani Milekić

    Defenders get better with age. All world class defenders are near 30 years old or older.

  • Inter4Ever

    I say keep him… he has improved a bit – needs to learn how to attack though

    • Jiani Mazza

      He has not improved my arse i have watched him fuck up so many times its not funny he simply is shit along with Rano

      • Inter4Ever

        What I meant is he improved as a full back, no need to use vulgar language to make a point.

      • sleimani

        yea son calm down, do you smack yo mama w those lips?

        • Jiani Mazza

          listen mate i think i am much older than you and i understand italian football better than you and i have watched inter play more than you. judging by your name you should go support some team in the saudi league, don’t disrespect people you don’t know. seriously you have no clue in what is a good player and what is and average player i am not going to debate with a rookie about guarin or JJ if they are good enough for whatever league. don’t bother replying because i won’t with your smart remarks

          • sleimani

            take it easy ‘Jiani”, I’ve been a fan since the early mid 90’s, I couldn’t care less if you’re 50, incompetent at 20 is the same as incompetent at 60.

            You obvious don’t understand italian football, you should keep your suggestions to yourself. Instead of being a free thinker you repeat what you read.


  • mo

    keep him he can grow, if someone need to go thats our ”beloved” captain frog!!! he had enough chances and wasted them all, he is still in inter just because he is italian!

    • sleimani

      Nah brah. Rano is quality. Defenders need to be able to read the game, anticipate, position themselves properly. Juans tactical mistakes have made rano look bad.

      Rano is there because hes good.

  • Ehsan

    To be honest I think he is a useful player after all, I like him

  • InterFin

    Rumours say that we are strongly interested in Criscito. What do you guys think? In my opinion it would solve our left-back problem instantly. I’ve wanted to see him in Inter jersey for many years. I hope we can close the deal.

    • sleimani

      Overpriced. Criscito is good but he will probably flop as do most players coming from the russian league.

      I would much rather get someone like kolarov on the cheap. Bonus we get a lefty free kivk master. Lefty kolarov and righty hernanes.

      • InterFin

        I don’t think he will flop. He’s Italian, knows serie a and has also played in european competitions for years. I was actually amazed that he didn’t make it to the world cup squad last year.
        He’s better in attack than any of our fullbacks (maybe Montoya is better but I don’t know cause I haven’t seen him playin).

  • Faisal Ahmed

    Smart agent, he spoke about the appearances which surely a valid argument to inflate his price tag. . Tho I like JJ and dont want him to leave, despite his mistakes, i choose to be patient cos u can tell they come from inexperience. Thats what vidic was brought for. To teach the inexperienced cbs. And 24 for a cb is very youn. Now we have miranda to teach them, and with murillos solidarity it will only become contagious.
    Last thing to say to JJ critics, on his good day he’s a rocking solif. Give him a last chance i say, and he will prove them wrong. I believe in him

    • sleimani

      You know I had grown tired of juan but you make valid points. I wouldnt mind seeing him stay and develop his game more. I think he provides decent cover. I just feel maybe a loan deal will be better for his development… maybe loan him to chievo for a season where he can play every game without pressure. The guy has potential just has to improve his positioning and decision making. He’s still too raw to start.

      My problem with him at LB is that he gets beat for pace, commits too many fouls and offers nothing offensively. If he learns how to cross I can overlook his deficiencies. I wish he had the left foot of Chivu

  • Manc

    I don’t think he played a good game against Real Madrid.

  • Saudijac_30

    IMO he is much better suited on the wing than in the center of the defence, but the problem is his offensive play if he is to be placed on the wing permanently

  • Mohamed

    In other words, the agent is saying he is comfortable at inter unless an offer from A team that can provide more than what inter does, so I can presume he wouldn’t say no to a champions league football and regular playing time. The agent markets the player well, so I hope a big offer arrives for inters sake.

  • Forza inter

    This guy should talks like a true Interista but that doesn’t mean he deserves to play for inter, I mean for gods sakes he’s been a starter for the past 3 years. And he sucks.

    • Halim Sudrajat

      agree , he can be internisti but when he play , all off inter fans around the world can get heat attc

      • Grandier Delacour

        It’s Interisti and you should talk the same about almost half of the team..

  • Jiani Mazza

    Someone pack his bags along with Guarin and nagatomo enough with mediocrity!

    • sleimani

      Juan is still raw. Nagatomo is past it.

      Guarin is a game changer and has improved under mancio.

      The competition in midfield will keep him on his toes and performing well.

      Always keep guaro unless we get a 18mil offer. But for 10mil I say keep guaro any day everyday

      • Jiani Mazza

        are you on the same planet?? if you watch guarin he remind me of a kid that thinks he is good but in reality can’t even play with primavera side. he always go for long shot which end up in row z and on the odd occasion hits the target, common i have played this game long enough and see players like this all the time. What a scemo he is. He will never bring more that 3 million the why he plays definitely no game changer even tifosi don’t want his stinking jersey. Juan is another scemo that needs to play in the portugese league because that his level. i would rather see bibyani play in his position.

        • sleimani

          Juan actually would do well in premiership.

          I wouldn’t mind seeing biabiany tried out as a full back, he surely does have the pace.

          You clealy haven’t watched Guarin’s games under Mancini. Guarin Hernanes and Icardi were the reason we didn’t finish lower in the table.

          • Jiani Mazza

            don’t like my comment then argue the point about what i have watched you look stupid.