Sky: D’Ambrosio out – West Ham next?

July 30, 2015 21:58
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D'Ambrosio Inter

The time at Inter seems at an end for Danilo D’Ambrosio. According to Gianluca Di Marzio the player’s agent could be meeting West Ham next week. But the English club is not the only one interested in the player, Napoli and Roma have made enquiries as well.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Abdi

    Sell everybody who has reasonable offer coming in for them. I mean the whole F%&¤/% squad except the new boys we just signed and Kova, Handa and Icardi. Very few from last season have impressed in pre-season. Only Gnoukouri and Andreolli have shown they stay in Inter.

    • sleimani

      Sadly Andreolli is probably going to Samp… thank you Vidic.

      I agree but I would loan out Gnou to a team like Bologna and I would sell all those you mentioned except Guaro and Rano. I would only sell hernanes if we manage to get Cassano back, we are lacking in creative outlets.

      • Abdi

        Why Cassano, there are plenty other creative midfielders out there. Cassano is a troublemaker plus he must be like 40 years by now lol.

        • sleimani

          33 which mean he still has 3 good years on him as he never relied on pace (tell totti or baggio they were old).

          He has more talent than 99% of the creative midfielders out there and would be almost free.

          Inter has never been afraid of he troublemakers.

  • FreyZa

    Ok fine.. welcome cristico 🙂

  • sakti

    how much we paid when we bought him? he is good as a backup. but since mancini played him as a starter, i would rather sell him.

  • Ognjen Dakic

    He is quit good defensively, but beside that he is one crappy player that should be sold, even for 2 million

  • Manc

    Why not Naga ,Juan, Dodo . I think Ambrodio is ok .

  • Inter4Ever

    Finally someone is leaving

  • Deji Akande

    He’s alright but we are forced to sell players in the order offers come in. We are gonna have to sell players we wish we didn’t because those are the players getting offers from good teams they want to play for. It sucks but we have to

  • Ola

    Never thought I’d see the day. I’m gonna enjoy him wearing a different shirt, and seeing him still have crap crosses.

  • Michael

    We need to get rid of him santon naga and Juan

  • Jr

    im not against it. juan/new guy for the left side and santon/montoya for the right.

    sell naga, dambrosio and vidic

  • interista13

    am I the only one who doesn’t think we should sell him?

    • La Selecta

      I think the fact that he can play in so many different places means that he is a great bench player for us. I would keep him and get rid of Nagatomo. I also think that if we do get Criscito we should keep Santon and get rid of Dodo.

      • sleimani

        Great bench player but if we get 5mil we should sell. I think dodo will do well this season. Santon is just as versatile and bonus he can cross the ball and fulfills academy requirements for next year.

        Either vidic or juan need tk be moved on

        • interista13

          I’d like to make a little profit off of him.. try and hold out for something around 7 mil

        • La Selecta

          would like to see vidic go. I still think JJ can become something great. he was doing great until he got injured before the world cup.

      • interista13

        I agree, but I think D’Ambrosio is better on the left and Santon on the right. As for Dodo, i think we need to loan him somewhere because he’s too shaky and mindless defensively to play as an outright LB, at least in Serie A

        • La Selecta

          can we loan dodo if he technically is still on loan to us?

          • interista13

            i could be wrong, but i think we already bought him outright

          • La Selecta

            I thought he was on a 2 year loan with obligation to buy

          • interista13

            I think we decided to purchase his contract early, but I could be wrong

      • Dani Milekić

        But Nagatomo plays all those roles as well. He at least has pace and a good cross.

        • La Selecta

          I think he does good on the left…I personally prefer d’ambro on the right. Naga is fast but he is weak. Not good on the defensive end either.

        • sleimani

          Very true. Nagatomo is probably our best full back. Better than Montoya even

          • Dani Milekić

            Not in my opinion. But I rate him as a good backup player. Monti on the right and Santon on the left for me.

          • sleimani

            Monti has a long was to go before settling. As is our 2 best starting fbs ate naga and santon

          • ErollG

            You really have weird point of view mate, Nagatomo our best full back, okay. . . .

          • sleimani

            who’s better? Montoya? that guy still has to get used to a league where teams actually defend. He still has a long way to go.

            Santon? again a very very average player. Yuto has special characteristics like acceleration, agility and goal scoring ability. Plus everybody loves his personality. Santon is like a Nagatomo who’s a little taller but slower and not as agile. If you’re gonna get beat on the defensive side of your game you have to make up with it on offense… and that’s where Yuto is superior.

    • Saif Eissa

      I totally agree with u, always trying his best he need to work on his attach tho

    • Jake

      he is horrible, truly. One of the most frustrating full backs I’ve seen, barely every seen an effective cross from danilo…he was even made to look like a muppet against 3rd tier stuttgarter kickers

      • sleimani

        So true. Hey at least hes an inspiration to all thr school boys. You can be a muppet but still get lucky and play for a big club… or u can be a goal machine like hubner and get stuck with the minnows

      • sleimani

        So true. Hey at least hes an inspiration to all thr school boys. You can be a muppet but still get lucky and play for a big club… or u can be a goal machine like hubner and get stuck with the minnows

  • Alex

    I hope we at least make 5m out of him. AND please sell Nagatomo first!!

  • Dani Milekić

    PLEASE! Take him!

  • AJ Harding

    Would rather keep Santon as the backup RB/LB than him – just hope we have a good starting LB lined up if both him and Nagatomo are leaving

  • DS

    Good, good.