TMW: Everton back in for Shaqiri

July 30, 2015 21:27
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Everton have showed interest for Xherdan Shaqiri before , and according to Tutto Mercato Web they are back in for him. The English club could make an advance for Shaqiri now considering that the Schalke deal seems far off still. Everton would be able to take over the fee that Inter were supposed to pay Bayern. But then there is the will of the player to take into consideration, would he be interested in going to the Premier League or is a return to Bundesliga more up his alley?

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Wruce Bayne

    if our management didnt like him why dont we try to swap him with lamela

  • kovacicisgod

    i feel like shaq never really got a chance in inter, between fitness problems and adjusting to the league/squad/country last year. i would want to at least wait until january to sell him, but it seems mancini is set on selling him this summer. sigh.

  • FreyZa

    i doubt it.. just rumors like stoke city, everton not assured for shaq.. just calm down shaq, u’ll get your chance again at inter.. 🙂

  • Hand- Gun

    £15milion.. take him

  • Джокерфен

    Shaq stay with us and Thohir sack this shit Mancini!

    • andre

      i am tired to see your post dude, so who will replace mancio when you sack him in your imagination??? LOL

    • Wruce Bayne

      vote me as the next inter manager

      • #4

        can I vote you to kick Platini’s ass?

        • Wruce Bayne

          first we want him to suffer then he has my permission to die

    • sleimani

      the only sack o shit is you my friend. Nasdrave!

    • sleimani

      how does Shaq’s sack taste brah?

  • Inter4Ever

    Another player that will criticise us if he leaves *sigh*

    • Sam Canestri

      with good reason too

    • sleimani

      haha but the guy is a perpetual failure… nobody but Stoke is stepping up for him LOL

  • Zoki

    Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with Shaqiri staying. He is a promising lad. But now, after this saga, I can’t see him being motivated to play for us when Mancini and the managment made it so clear that they want him gone. At this point I would just like to sell him to any good offer and lets be done with this, so we can maybe buy Perišić with the money.

    • sleimani

      His style of play has better odds of working in the premiership. Hopefully they offer him higher salary than his what shalke offered (matching his inter salary).

      He should move to a premiership club if he values his career. It is the best move for him and his value will only drop if he stays with us. I hope he wisens up and accepts the move.

      We dont have to get perisic If we can get perroti for half that amount. Any of those 2 will be beter for us since both have high footvall iq, can beat their man and can use either foot.

      Bonus all the shaqiristas can finally take a seat and stop ripping on Mancio. He gave Shaq a chance to grow and recover his career but shaq was content doing the same dumb plays and losing the ball in midfield. Many wasted chances in a league where you get maybe 2 opportunities to score a game. He didnt step up his game and his attitude is poor. He acts like hes arrived but is so one dimensional. We dont need selfish players who are stubborn.

      I hope everton splash 18mil on shaq or we sell for 16mil w performance bonus

      • Alex

        I still don’t get your problem with Shaqiri. On any news about him you’re roaming and spreading negative words about him.

        Be honest with us, does he owe you money? Or did he still your girlfriend?!

        • HP

          LOL. You cracked my up!

        • Aaron


        • Wruce Bayne

          maybe he stole his kebab LOOOL

          • sleimani

            haha he did then he sat on it!

        • Sam Canestri

          Mate you said it perfectly. He’s not even an Interista. Don’t listen to a word he says. Shaqiri is awesome and still an Inter player so lets keep treating him like one. FORZA INTER

          • sleimani

            haha don’t ever say not an Interista. Shaq awesome? Stop sucking on yo mama’s tits for a second and use you brain

        • sleimani

          no nothing personal. Just tired of seeing his fat ass on our roster. I want him gone because he’s a poor signing and a dumb player. I get irritated when I see ‘interisti’ shit on the team and the coach because they are shaq fanboys…

      • Solberg – Norway

        Is perotti really that good you think? i haven’t got the chance to evaluate him. there is few videos so its hard to tell. how would you describe him?

        • sleimani

          What I like about perotti is that he’s two footed and is able to beat his man with a dribble vs speed(a little like alvarez but he’s not as slow). He’s quick footed too and has decent football IQ. Bonus he’s used to serie A and can play pretty much anywhere up front. He can score or provide and has been consistent.

          In summary: I like his versatility, humility and intelligence. I like that we have also always had good luck with our signings from Genoa.

          • Jake

            Inter standard though? He doesn’t even play internationally (even the flop Lamela still gets games for Argentina)

          • sleimani

            yea the Argentina NT selection is a joke.. remember they wouldn’t call up their best players (cuchu, pupi etc)… they would have won the WC had they called up Tevez.. they keep on relying on the perennial big game choker pipita. They did call up Alvarez but they also call up crap like Demichelis.

            I don’t know if he is Inter standard but I do know that we have had good luck with Argentine players, especially thos from Genoa.

            I do think he’ll be solid and consistent though. A good cheap alternative to Perisic if Shaq parks his kebabs on the bench and refuses a transfer (and further lowers his valuation so he can get a bigger ssalary when he does leave)

          • Jake

            Yeah pipita lol, maurito should be replacing him in the national team soon haha. True about Genoa but i think we should just play 4-3-1-2 if perisic don’t come, rather than settling for no name alternatives

          • sleimani

            I hope not too soon! I want him to stay fresh for us. Palacio’s poor form this year was due to the NT killing him and him taking almost the whole year to recover.

            A fit palacio and icardi is still deadly, I don’t get why so many say Palacio is done just because he had a poor season last year… I mean he had an injury the whole season. Ingrates! I still remember him resolving the derby with the 1-0 backheel goal 😀

          • nerazurri88

            With all due respect as a fellow interista, but I can’t trust the word of someone saying that Alvarez is much better player than Shaqiri. I respect your opinion as a person, but not as a soccer fan. Good luck with your statistics.

          • Solberg – Norway

            thank you. seems like a good alternative to perisic and also resembles him a lot, except the hight+serie a experience.

            humility and iq is way to underrated. a player like that is the final link and assist-man to the poacher(icardi) and attacker(jojo) we already got 🙂 (of course hernanes is there too, but in regards of wing play and width)

          • sleimani

            no prob. I think for the right price he could be our ideal 4th attacker/2nd amf.

            I would prefer perisic but if we can’t work something out with Wolfsburg I’m willing to compromise.

            If Shaq stays I wanna see him deployed as a LB. Many AMF have played this position in the past with mostly success (Leonardo, Grosso, etc…)

          • Solberg – Norway

            regarding shaq as LB. if so, he would resemble r.carlos. he had a good left foot, strength, pace and stamina. at least its somewhat comparable. i don’t know about his defensive skills, but i have heard of certain incidents when this have worked – and actually this has happened to me too when i was an active player. allegedly i had my best games as RB – i don’t know if that tells something about my quality at the time, lol. but, shaq as LB is not impossible:) (haven’t florenzi played both right winger + right back in roma last season? I’m not 100% certain, but i may have heard he had done well at both?)

          • sleimani

            haha i said the same thing and got ridiculed by some ‘fans’ here. I directly compared him ro R.Carlos. Bonus he would have more time to make his decisions and it would simplify his options. It’s not like R.Carlos was a good defender or even a decent one.

            I’ve also been deployed as a LB when I was younger because the AMF role was already covered! It’s very doable.

            And yes Florenzi was deployed like that last year. Heck even Alvarez dropped back and covered the LB role for us a couple of times. (when naga would push up, Or even Eto’o coming out and saying he had to do that work too).

          • Solberg – Norway

            great to see the similarity in mindset and personal experience between us!

            i really hope inter solves the situation though. this season will be tougher than one would think. roma, lazio, milan, napoli, RuBE and inter will fight for 3 CL spots. and every team (exept merda, maybe lazio) has improved imo. hopefully this will be the start of the rise of serie a again. at least things are finally happening again (important purchases) 🙂 (i miss the 90s and early 2000. that league was incomparable to any league of today.)

          • sleimani

            yes sir! guess we have the footballing brains, maybe we should do all the courses at coverciano!

            I miss the 90s + 00s too… but it’s coming back. it will be a very tight season as long as the refs don’t let rubentus get run away again with the garbage decisions.

            Roma, Lazio, BBilan, Napoli are competition but Genoa, Samp and Fio are no joke either. That’s 9 fighting for the top 6 spots… I just want us to secure a top 3 spot but deep down I’m hoping we can snatch the scudetto.

            I want it solved too. And aside from Perotti or Shaq my interista heart would love to see us ditch both and get Cassano for free! I think Mancio would be able to keep him in check and when we had Cassano-Milito-Palacio under Strama we had the best attack in all of EUROPE (per stats) until injuries killed us. Even if he can only play 30mins at an elevated level he can resolve games that would have been ties/losses.

          • Solberg – Norway

            aiaiai. i was so dissapointet when casanate left. i wanted him in inter since his days in roma. stramas tactic was so good with him as a wide playmaker, milito as striker and palacio as a late arriver or runner on offside-line. it was very good.

            but, yeah. there is a lot of competition. lets hope for a competitive inter. most importantly if inter can’t get the scudetto, hopefully rube will not get it.

          • sleimani

            that tactic was genius, also helped that the three had the ability to swap around on the fly. It was so fluid. He’s such a gem I dream to see him suit up for us again especially since he’s an Interista. Him and Totti are a class above all of the Serie A players.

          • Solberg – Norway

            indeed. couldn’t agree more:)

      • Blue and black

        I agree with sleimani to a point , but I mainly just want this saga to end because it is blocking everything in the mercato