Duda hit by stone: match suspended

July 31, 2015 14:59
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Among the list of players linked to Inter, Ondrej Duda has been waiting for a move which hasn’t materialised yet.

The Legia Warsaw player was involved in a nasty incident last night during the Europa League qualification match against FK Kukesi which could see this as a Summer to forget for the 20 year old as he continues to wait for Inter.

After the Polish side took the lead 2-1, Albanian fans took to throwing objects on the pitch and a stone hit the Slovakian player on the head.

Duda was forced off to be medicated for a head wound streaming with blood but it is thought that the player was very lucky to not have been more seriously injured.

The referee suspended the match after the incident on 51 minutes. FK Kukesi will most likely be awarded a 3-0 loss and have to pay a heavy fine.


Source: FcInterNews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • David Wadzinski

    And they say racism is bad in America…. Some of our fellow interista comments are pretty awful. Yes I’m calling you out CN69 and Mario Novak

    • Mario Novak

      What does my comment have to do with racism? Mind to elaborate on that?

  • DonTuliosS Interista

    Reading some of the coments here makes me ask my self how in the world did some of you chose FC Inter”NAZIONALE” to be your team,..
    I agre that some people are retarded and that every nation has idiots but to brush all of them with the same brush is quite frankly idiotic and i use this word very seriously Stupid.
    Forza Inter

    • Inter DiHati

      kick racism out of football

      • DonTuliosS Interista

        And nationalism as well.
        Forza ”INTERNAZIONALE”

    • Mario Novak

      Like I said, I got a pretty damn good reason behind my comments. I’ve been supporting Inter since ’95 and got never emotional about football until now. Have you seen what Albanians do around the world and in the world of football?

      • DonTuliosS Interista

        Let me explain to you ”The definition of reason” because you don’t seem to know what you are talking about,you are NOT BRINGING ANY REASONABLE ARGUMENT TO THE ”table”

        Reason definition
        -a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event
        -the power of the ”mind” to ”think”, ”understand”, and ”form judgements ”logically” i repeat ”logically”

        As i said I agree that some people are retarded and that every nation has idiots among them but to brush them all with the same brush is quite frankly idiotic don’t be an ”ignorant” and try to understand what am i telling you because being ignorant isn’t going to help you in life.

        • Mario Novak

          I don’t know if you’re drunk or high, but… I never said anything that would make me a nationalist! I never said my country is superior to any other one, or that our people are better than anyone else! Do you understand the difference between hate and nationalism? I’m not sure you do… Maybe I overreacted with saying Albanians instead of Albanian football hooligans, I can admit that, if I was wrong in that case!

    • Mario Novak

      And I’m also not a nationalist… Never was, never will be. Hating someone with a reason doesn’t make you a nationalist.

  • DonKavexo

    there aint any pot in albania

  • I miss Marco Branca

    I still remember Dida getting hit by that Firecracker in the CL game but to get whipped like a rock is barbaric. I’m disgusted at the thought that it could have hit him in his eye.

    • Solberg – Norway

      i know the size of this rock, but it can even damage his cranium.

  • Pazza Zanetti

    And they call them self supporters of their team…

  • Ognjen Dakic


  • Inter4Ever

    A disgrace to football

    • DonTuliosS Interista

      i agree 100%

  • Bojan Ristic

    Bunch of fucking animals.

  • CN69

    Fucking Albanian morons!!! In warsaw they will be killed!!

    • Mario Novak

      get them! i fucking hate albanians!

      • farewell

        Shaqiri is Albanians dude

        • Mario Novak

          he’s leaving, so idc…

          • DonTuliosS Interista

            So who else do you hate?
            I can not help my self,but from your last name you got to be from central Europe,.. so you should be hating on Handanovic because he is from Bosnia,you should be hating Kovacic,Brozovoc because they are Croatians am i right?SMH
            News flash for you buddy you chose the wrong club to cheer for

          • Mario Novak

            I hate Albanians for a reason… I’m from Slovenia, so I don’t hate Handanović and the Croatians and others playing for Inter…

          • DonTuliosS Interista

            Oh ok,so you have a ”reason” to hate an ENTIRE NATION.
            Now that explains all.SMH.
            I was wondering if i could talk some sense in to you but i think that would only result in me wasting my time and your time as well so please don’t even bother replying i won’t misunderstand,i promise.