Liverpool – Balotelli training on his own

July 31, 2015 18:22
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Mario Balotelli

The future of Mario Balotelli seems certain not to be at Liverpool. The Italian striker is not having it easy at Liverpool now since he is not included in the squad. The ex Inter player was not included in Liverpool’s Australia pre-season tour and is now training on his own, and so is Fabio Borini.
Source: Daily Mail

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • sleimani


  • I miss Marco Branca

    This clip says everything about balotelli ! just make sure to watch the Mourinho interview at the end that will give you a true depiction of him:

    • sleimani

      but he’s fun, entertaining unlike boring Giovinco

      • I miss Marco Branca

        Balotelli sucks, just like Ranocchia, Vidic, JJ, Dodo, Guarin…..Good Work Marco Branca, your work is very much appreciated in Torino !!

  • paradakovich

    Yeah, i said i still want you back

  • Eusebio

    I always liked Balotelli, he should’ve stayed at Inter but he was young and acted stupidly and forced himself out. He could’ve been one of Inter’s cornerstones, like Icardi, but he blew it…He is only 24, he has great talent and still has so many yrs left to play. Hopefully he has matured after this journey he’s been on.

    I wouldn’t mind him coming back but I would demand an apology, lower his wages or work out an incentive base salary, inform him of his role and come to an understanding that he is a bench player who has to earn playing time and potentially starting time, and I would point to Osvaldo and show him what happens if he does not follow his coaches and disrespects other players.

  • Kameru

    i dont mind he join us if he decide to use his brain & being professional on & off the field.

  • Inter DiHati

    It’s called KARMA, bitch! Where’s your fukin bilan shirt? You can now start training with that fukin red and black shitty shirt on your own fukin mansion! FAK this guy!

  • 1908

    Wearing a ac top when he was playing for us . Fuck him worthless scum

  • Wruce Bayne

    go to serie B you clown

  • Aaron

    He was never really cut out for liverpool and their style of play…ofc BR doesn’t know what he wants and was under pressure to replace Suarez but that was big boots to fill..It Saddens me that he had to pay for it all…Was better either staying at MCFC or Milan..i don’t see him with a future at inter but don’t rulw it out either… He’s relatively young an can still revive his career.

  • Alex

    Top 3 wasted talents in modern football history: 1- Adriano, 2- Anelka, 3-Super Mario
    Very sad that they couldn’t use their full potential.

    • slim_blues_boy

      well, recoba also could be one of a nominee.

      • PhiLeo

        No. Recoba gave all that he has, it was how the team made up and coaches that comes and goes almost every season didn’t help either. Inter could have won something during those period if not for mismanagement and yeah.. the calciopoli at the time.

        • slim_blues_boy

          well, recoba got enormous talent, but he never reach a level where he can consistently showed those talent on the pitch as worldclass players did.

          • PhiLeo

            I don’t honestly know where you were when el chino played but i think you miss the best time Inter had whenever el chino pick up the ball and slotted those memorable goals even during the times baggio departed, vieri injured and during the debuts of all Inter stars late 90s you ever known. It was recoba that Inter stayed in serie a. Believed me recoba was the best moment even when inter never won anything.

          • slim_blues_boy

            ouww cmon, he had brilliant moments, but he never that fundamental to us.
            rarely scored goals in two consecutive matches. rarely started as starter for, let say at least 5 matches in a row.

          • sleimani

            he had injury problems but he didn’t waste his talent.

            it’s not like adriano who messed around. For Recoba he could have been Maradona if not for the injuries. They did say that he didn’t train hard enough and that may be the reason he go injured often.

      • recoba just lack of motivation..

    • PhiLeo

      well at least Anelka did win something during his time playing.. he didn’t go to Real Madrid for nothing. but if we are talking about former Inter players of recent times i would put 1-Adriano 2-Balotelli 3-Quaresma, my top 3 (considered how high expectation put on them)

      • Eusebio

        Yeah Adriano is def #1. Truly sad he only showed flashes of what he was capable of while at Inter.

        • sleimani

          flashes? he had 3 seasons where he was the best striker in Europe then his father’s death made him veer off the deep end.

          The guy was unstoppable with a real cannon foot. You can’t say flashes, flashes was someone maybe like Domenico Morfeo.

          Adriano’s career waas just short lived.

          The real top flop is Quaresma, was originally rated as more talented than Cristiano R. Cristiano worked on his game and improved his weaknesses/physique while Quaresma kept thinking he was maradona (like Shaqiri) and stagnated…still Quaresma with only Porto is entertaining to watch… he’s like a circus.

          you can say Balo wasted his talent for sure since he never really had years where he fulfilled them (Adri fell from greatness)

          • kovacicisgod

            lol you will bring up how much you hate shaqiri no matter how irrelevant it is

          • sleimani

            Haha its not really hate for shaq. I just think he is extremely overrated. He was only able to stand out at basel in a mediocre squad. He failed at bayern and failed with us. The only reason he gets the acvlaim in swizerland is because they dont have a lot of talent.

            Hes a guy who has a good physique and a strong left foot. Hes a good player but he has low football IQ and acts like hes maradona. I dislike his attitude and I dislike the people thay were brainwashed by the media. Whenever I bring up faults in hjs game I get mocked by tbe fanboys. Reaction formation on my part if you will

  • Inter4Ever

    This guy deserves what’s coming to him – frickin immature on and off the pitch

  • Nerazzurri

    I don’t mind if he coming back to us

    • Alex

      Would you like Osvaldo II movie?

      • Bruno Tome

        That was the most entertaining thing I saw on the pitch last season

    • Inter DiHati

      Sorry but those who were disrespect Inter once, dont deserve even to wear a blue and black socks!

      • Wruce Bayne

        and we deserve better player than him , inter made him big and he just throwing our shirt

  • Boudou

    Working hard to ruin his career before the age of 25. Bravo dummy !

  • kuda

    I have a feeling he’ll rejoin us one day. Just a feeling

    • Dhana

      I think so.. Especially mancini really wants him at this moment

    • he could join..if only his wages lower than berni..

      • Dhana

        2million a year is more than enough for balo

  • Christian Vargas

    I don’t understand how this is Inter related news. hes a former player from years ago just like many others. This shouldn’t be here.

    • interista13

      there were rumors (most likely false ones) that Mancini had interest in bringing him back to Inter

  • Jack Martorana

    I feel bad for the guy. He wasn’t bad until he moved to Liverpool. Rodgers has turned him into trash.

    • Wruce Bayne

      LOL it’s karma

    • PhiLeo

      i couldn’t feel sorry for a fool that he was. arrogance went first to his head before team work. i bet he already been our beloved star if he was a cool head, and willing to listen to coach then Mancio to Mou. look to where he end up now and i hope he isn’t being considered as our target, not first he publicly apologized for thumping our beloved colours to the ground not long ago.

      • sleimani

        Yea but balotelli is not a bad guy. Hes actually a nice guy he just has many complexes and the mind of a child. Hes still very good and aside from that incident he did well on the pitch for us. He arguably played his best club football with us.

    • Kk

      Well, he wasn`t that good in ManCity either, just had good teammates…

  • intermilan

    He’s an ex-milan player.

    Get your fact right!

    • Aaron

      He played for inter regardless???

      • Mike

        Let’s just call him a Bilanista that he is

      • intermilan

        He’s not worth the mention. Getting me?