Official: Stevan Jovetic is an Inter player

July 31, 2015 18:13
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Inter have announced through their official website, that an agreement has been made with Manchester City for the purchase of Stevan Jovetic.

The Montenegrin has signed a 4 year contract until 30 June 2019.

Inter president Erick Thohir had this to say:

“We are excited by the signing of Jovetic. He’s another important addition to our squad. A dynamic forward that will add value to our attack. Mancini will get the best out of him.”

“Welcome to the club, Stevan and Forza Inter forever!”



Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Poida

    Ahahah, Inter are resembling what the Yugoslav National Team would look like

    • kovacicisgod

      i’m ok with that. a yugoslav NT nowadays would be incredibly good

  • Adil Moh

    Now we just need to add Perisic and left back…then we all set..

  • Dadi

    welcome to inter montenegrian maradona 🙂

  • slim_blues_boy

    with how our forwards performing so far, we’ll be in trouble if Jovetic couldn’t perform his best. especially if we couldn’t get any other reinforcement. he’s the only creativity in our forward so far. we’re gambling a big one here.

  • Inter DiHati

    Welcome Jojo! Stay healthy please 🙂

  • intermilan

    I’m not entirely convinced. But this is stating the obvious.
    Looking at his track records, everyone must have feel this too.
    Well.. since its a done deal, lets hope for the unrealistic to happen.
    Stay injury-free, please.

  • bona

    if this happened 2 years ago, this would have been a huge headline

  • sleimani

    So happy… now to offload the garden gnome

    • Jiani Mazza

      can you please leave this forum your comments are always stupid. I think your a milanista secretly hahahahahahahahahahahna

      • Nizar Ali Bawazir

        isn’t you shaqiri haters too ^ ^

        • Jiani Mazza

          No I’m not a Shaqiri hater, I just don’t like players that don’t deliver, people watch to much you tube on this forum I think. People need to face the music SHAQ is just not good enough for seria A nothing more to add. SEMPRE FORZA INTER

      • sleimani

        can you please stop procreating with your siblings? I think the world doesn’t need more shitstains

  • ForzaKovacic

    Why does he look so miserable? reminds me of brozovic.

    • Tomasz

      Just your perception, if you see his other pictures his is quite atletic now, bigger than when he was playing for Fiore

    • TQ

      Must he look happy? No! Serious? Yes!

  • mo

    welcome mancio’s love…. after all he did buy u twice XD

  • Inter4Ever

    Welcome to inter! Please don’t be a shadow of your former self

  • Boudou

    FC interic.. Bye argentines, welcome balkans

    • chris 9

      Kuzmanovic should have been the captain of this team :)))))

    • intermilan

      Haha.. its soo obvious, isnt it?
      IMO, not very smart “commercially” but I guess its due to our financial contraints.
      Hopefully it’ll work out on the field.

  • chris 9

    We have been superb this mercato. I hope we top it off with a proven left back and a speedy winger like Ntep or perisic

  • interista13

    now that he’s in Nerazzurro he might have to be my new favorite player because we share the same nickname “JoJo”

  • Zoki

    Now stay injury free god damn it.

  • Octo

    Nice one jojo. Welcome to Inter 🙂

  • Gt

    Weird “al” jankovic

    • Inter4Ever

      He really does look like him…