Puscas wants Bari, the clubs negotiate

July 31, 2015 19:06
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The situation for George Puscas is in constant development, according to Calcio News 24 the negotiations between Inter and Bari have proceeded well. The Romanian striker is close to joining the team from Puglia and has asked for a loan deal, but it seems this will not be the case. Inter seem intent on earning as much as possible on his transfer so the club is thinking about how to find a suiting formula to close the deal. It does not seem as this will stop the deal though, both parties are hopeful to close soon.

Source: Calcio News 24

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Dhana

    All he needs is experience

  • FreyZa

    let him go for loan n we’ll see his development…

  • Dueces

    had busy night trying to figure out who must succeed Mancini after the first 6months of whch the team will sink int the middle of the table, and i have no doubts about it, and here is the perfect name, the man every one will want, Ronald Koeman, what an idea,, the guy came to southampton got red off every bad weed, including Osvaldo, and took them to champions league through qualifying. He is by far best manager last year, with Stars packed premier league Southhampton emerged with newly designed formula, the dutch coach is simply is genius with much charachter … who want Ronald raise your hand

    • casperv

      we got Mancio and no-one wants another “year zero” for the 4th year in a row!

  • slim_blues_boy

    use the same formula as we did with Bonazzoli.
    sales with buyback clause in few years and percentage of sales if we don’t take him back and they sold him.
    it will stimulate bari to really develop his talent, not just using as backup.

  • Andrew Harding

    How much money could Bari possibly have to offer?

    • Huacanacha

      Exactly. With what they can likely offer the only way I can see this being worth it is with very favourable buy back terms and price. Basically so if he turns out any good at all we will get him back for cheap.

      • Dueces

        he is just a kid, how much he worth, its not how much they can offer, it what expirence he may gain in there.. its all about paying time..