OFFICIAL: Inter terminate Schelotto’s contract

August 31, 2015 23:26
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F.C. Internazionale has sent in the papers which terminates the Italian-Argentine midfielder, Ezequiel Schelotto’s contract to the office of Lega Serie A.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • postal

    When your club starts offering you around for no cost, you might start thinking it’s time to leave with a piece of your dignity still intact. He didn’t think. Brought this on himself.

    • ezeqiel

      actualy he want to leave.. he said that before.. because mancini tell him that he is not in his plan.. but no real offer for him.. all rumours were just a rumour.. TT

  • Jese

    Inter treated him like a shit. Indeed Schelotto did nothing wrong to Inter. Poor Ezequiel. Hope you find a new club soon.

    • ezeqiel

      we have no choice we just have 25 player quota.. what should we do when no club made an offer for him.. we even try to gave him free… it’s better to terminate his contract, so he can be free..

  • LJ

    I feel sorry for him, but still this is the best for both Inter and him. Wish him best of luck.

  • Herditya Pradipta

    Your hair will be missed 🙁

  • Rachmat Supriatna

    Thank you for the goal against AC Merda. Good luck.

  • Vlad

    actually when a player terminate a contract with a club receive a compensation. I wonder how much it cost us. It’s sad that we couldn’t send him for free somewhere else 🙁

  • Oneal Barkho

    His face pisses me off

    • TQ


    • postal

      It’s offensive to all races, genders and ages.

    • ezeqiel

      why!? he is a nice guy.. he just not good enough for us..

  • 1908

    Yes he’s gone but in a cruel way. He never spoke ill of inter even though we have treated him like shit. I wish him well and thank him for the equaliser against them prics ac.

  • Mehigh

    schelotto should go to wolfsburg, that’s the team of the lords (Bendtner, Dante )

  • Michael Rojas

    He should have acceptes the offers

    • VII

      If he’s a free agent I think he has more time to sign for any other team.

    • ezeqiel

      he has no offers.. all just rumours.. he himself want to leave..

  • Inter4Ever
  • Inter4Ever

    You could have at least take someone else with ya!

    • Anas Hamma

      hahahaha That’s genius 😀

  • Dimitris_Inter

    another good news after Ljajic sign

  • casperv

    ohh.. that comes a suprice! No one wanted him?

    • Inter4Ever

      Apparently he wanted no one 😀