OFFICIAL: Ljajic is a Nerazzurri player”

August 31, 2015 23:17
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adem ljajic

F.C Internazionale has announced the official arrival of the striker Adem Ljajic from Roma on loan with a redemption. “Inter would like to welcome him to the club”.

Inter sent in the contract in the last minute of the transfer window for the Serbian offensive player.

Gianluca Di Marzio reports that Nerazzurri pays 1 million Euros for the loan and agreed on a redemption set 11 million Euros. 


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • grilliant

    hey guys remember 2013 where Fiorentina beat up our ass 4-1? guess who scored the braces lol

    • paradakovich

      lol it was ljajic-jovetic-jovetic-and ljajic. now both of them were here, lets crush fio and require them to celebrate with craziness

  • Nizar Ali Bawazir

    loan with OPTION or with MANDATORY..? please enlight me..

    • Herditya Pradipta

      Optional, I believe

  • Adil Moh


    4-2-3-1…..we could win anything with this bring it…

    • Hand- Gun

      Mancini have 2 choice 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1… i think melo have place in inter midfield cause mancini want him so much.. and i hope perisic,jovetic,ljajic help the defend.. don’t be lazy..

  • Luciano

    Can we just change Mauro’s last name to Icardic just so we can be consistent? lol

    • Andrian Zanetti

      Don’t have to, Icardi is the spearhead. See below:
      Perisic – Jovetic – Ljajic – ICardi

  • Artur Qabayan


    • Inter4Ever

      This will become a reality now that melo is here

  • Artur Qabayan

    Milan buy nobody. We should win them in derby…. they bought kucka LOL

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    yes excellent signing and he comes with an OPTION to buy, ausilio is a mercato god

    • Anas Hamma

      Yeah, but just when it comes to buying :s he should come up with a formula in order to convince players to leave :p

      • Andrian Zanetti

        A typical of Branca’s junks. Easy to come, hard to leave and happy to sit their ass nicely at the bench.

  • Dimitris_Inter

    Very nice. So after Kova sell, we bring in Perisic, Ljajic, Melo and Telles. So i am ok with that. Hope Mancini know how to use them all and play 4-2-3-1 with all top ” ic” ( not Brozovic ) behind Icardi.I want to see nice offensive football from this team and start from the Derby

    • VII

      I don’t know if 4-2-3-1 exactly, but yeah, the 3 Ics (lol) with Mauro upfront should be the starting attack.

      King Kond and Medel in the middle I guess.

      • Rachmat Supriatna

        4 ICs: Perisic Llajic Jovetic ICardi

        • Tor-Petter Bernssen

          Joveticardi, our central attack or whatever…. sounds better than the K2 midfield we started preseason with… Interbalkanazionale

  • casperv

    Such a good player and still so young; 23 years old!

    • Dimitris_Inter

      Generally we creat a good team with young talented players like Jovi, Icardi, Ljajic, Perisic, Kondo, Murillo, Santon, Gnou,Brozovic, Telles ( hope ) + some experience Melo, Miranda, Palacio and Handa

      • casperv

        excatly! Such a great transfer market!!

        • Dimitris_Inter

          Hope Mancini know how to make them play good football as a team

        • Andrian Zanetti

          Except that players who refused to go and prefer to sit their ass nicely at our bench, i rated 8/10 for this summer mercato. If we are able to sign Eder next winter and offload all those fullback junks, i would rate 10/10 for the whole mercato and kiss Ausilio baldy head 🙂

          • casperv

            I´ll give it a 9,5! Remember our expectations this spring? We all thought the club would struggle to get good players, but we have singed quality players- and many very young with huge potential, like Jojo, Ljajic, Kondog, Murillo, Telles (whom Chelski was on as well), Montoya, and quality proven players like; Miranda, Perisic, Melo (yes I know).
            Getting Eder in January would come “easy” seeing that Napoli´s Soranio offer fell through!
            Having keept D’Ambrossio could turn out to be a good thing, because I really do not rate him a worse player than Santon or Montaya – actually I see him as a better DEFENDER than the two others!
            Naga could still leave for a league where they are still aloved to buy- like in Turkey!

      • Hand- Gun

        In 2 years young players will be rising star..

    • Deuces

      i wouldn’t mind a second triple boys go for it… juv is under selfdistruction order by Alegri lol

  • Inter4Ever

    BALKAN TO INTER! I mean welcome!