Schelotto says no to Sion

August 31, 2015 21:43
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According to Fcinternwes Schelotto won’t join Sion. The Italian-Argentina winger has said no to the club and his future could be decided tomorrow seeing the offers from Premier League. It shouldn’t be excluded that his contract will be terminated.

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • inter_island

    Sonofabitch .. What is wrong with this guy? How long is his contract? Thanks foe your derby goal but…

  • Inter4Ever

    Say what you want about kuz, at least he had the decency to leave

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    He’s waiting for Real Madrid.

  • Qeu

    Schelotto will be MVP at derby milan for sure.

    • Boudou

      He should sign for Milan then

  • Zoki

    We don’t want you at Inter. Terminate his fucking contract.

    • I miss Strama

      We need him to score against Bbilan..

  • Oneal Barkho

    DUDE WTF!!