Sky: No Juan Jesus to Roma, huge distant between the clubs

August 31, 2015 21:51
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As revealed these last minutes by transfer experts of Sky Sport. The deal that would take the Brazilian defender Juan Jesus to Roma, seems not to be sealed. There is a huge distance between the both parties to be able to find an agreement especially now when the deadline is closing in.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • Deji Akande

    Regardless of new signings i think he should continue to start at left back. He’s gonna cover for our wingers really well in a 4-2-3-1. And in my eyes he’s improving a lot at LB. He fights for our colors so if we see improvement we should keep it up instead of delaying it. He isnt a liability at that position he defends well. Maybe he doesnt get forward as well but thats why we got forward reinforcements right. #LETJJPLAY lol

  • TQ

    Thank god

  • Buck

    Im really glad we kept him. He seems to be way more comfortable at LB. Although now we have even more folks playing as fullbacks (specifically LB) 7 by my count at both fullback positions, so it will be interesting to see how the depth works out

  • Fez Faisal H

    The guy played almost a perfect game yesterday, nearly got on the scoreline also. He is improving, and yet I come to the comment sections, and see all inter fans wanna sentence him to death after a what I would call, not his mistake.

    Keep on improving JJ, I can’t see ANYONE at Inter now, is as good as u are in the LB position!

    Forza JJ!!

  • Inter4Ever


  • Dangermouse

    Hope he stays. Hes improving playing as LB and he was a beast last game.

    • DS

      No he wasn’t. He is fairly limited when it comes to going foward and I don’t see that changing.

      Though I’m glad that he isn’t leaving, I’ve becomed fond of him from the day he came, he is a fighter and loves Inter. The problem is I don’t see position where he can excell, he lacks concentration for a centre back, and lack technique and other attacking ability to become a good full back.

      • Dangermouse

        He was perfect in defence imo. And now when we will play 4 3 3 or 4 2 3 1 our fullbacks dont have to be as good going forward.

        • casperv

          Agree! Now they need to be more aware to cover the wingers backs!

        • DS

          Goal came from his side of the field so I wouldn’t say he was perfect. I wouldn’t say it was his fault but I can’t say he was perfect.

          • Dangermouse

            No it didnt. It came from Nagatomo & Mirandas side. Did you even watch the game bro?

          • DS

            Cross came from the left side (Juan side) and then Miranda and Nagatomo failed to cover it.

      • Fez Faisal H

        He did so well in the 2 games he played as left back, going forward. doing penna, passing and opening up, recovering position..etc

        I bet ur not even watching the game, or expect him to become like roberto carlos in no time.. be realistic with ur expectations, he is doing quite well as LB!

        • DS

          Guy I’ve been watching every Inter game since I got high speed internet 5-6 year ago, before then I’ve watched games that were on TV. So fuck off.

          Obivously you have forgotten how a good wing back looks since we didn’t have one in Inter since Maicon left and Zanetti was played elswere.

          Juan was just solid but not great, great wing back is good in both directions, must have good dribbling skills and a good cross. Juan is a centre back, he was raised in that position so he didn’t nurture his tehnical or attacking abilities and that is fine. That is expected from a centre back.

          For a centre back he played just solid as a wing back but to say he did great in comparision with the players that are wing backs and are really good at it is insane.

          My expectations form his in a wing back rola are just fine, like I said he didn’t do great because he doesn’t have required abilities but he was solid and I didn’t expect him to be anything more. I never said that I expect from him to be a top class wing back, that’s your words not mine.

          • Faisal Ahmed

            I stopped reading at fuck off. U obviously dont have the right parents to teach you manners.