GdS: Montoya-Inter, closing credits? Ausilio in Spain

September 29, 2015 13:40
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he may be a new signing at Inter but Martin Montoya has not impressed Roberto Mancini and despite not playing for Inter yet, the Spaniard seems set to return to his parent club.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Inter will open talks with Barcelona and that Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio will travel to watch the Catalan side’s UEFA Champions League tie against Bayer Leverkusen tonight.

Montoya could return to Barcelona in January.



Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • DonKavexo

    Fabinho, Hugo Mallo, Mayke

  • Inter4Ever

    Thank god.

  • Alex

    He is a solid right back in defending but doesn’t offer much in attack, that makes him on the same level with D’Ambrosio. But D’Ambrosio could play left back and IS ITALIAN. So if I have to choose one I’d go for D’Ambrosio.

    The only bad thing about him living is, he’s rated 79 in FIFA16 and is our highest rated fullback there.

    • HP

      LOL. Good analysis mate!

    • Jake

      Don’t even say that rubbish, d’ambrosio is possibly the worst full back I have EVER seen, I’m still scarred from last season how he started so many. I blame mazzari for choosing that type of wingback crap, he sucks. Montoya is twice the player, don’t know what happened to him though, he would probably offer more than santon at right back if he could string some games together.

      • Alex

        I respect your opinion bro. My belief is Montoya is overhyped because he played in Barcelona. He’s no way near to Santon in terms of versatility, and attacking capabilities or even international experience.
        D’Ambrosio was wasted in DumbZarri era because he is no winger, he is a true Full Back. He had really good days in Torino, and some good performances at Inter.

  • 1NT3R

    I still cant believe what exactly happen to him, feels like he lost somewhere, cant even passing ball.

  • HP

    So, I am guessing there is a clause in the loan deal stating the inter must buy him if he plays any official game and that is the reason why he hasn’t played and probably will never play. Does Anybody know?

    • Da Ruan

      That was dodo’s deal…
      I am guessing there is a hidden clause in Ljajic’s contract as well. If he represent inter for couple of games inter need to buy him…

  • Hand- Gun

    Haha.. never play.. but inter loan… funny…

  • Nerazzuro21

    I didn’t watch the friendly against Lecco.Was he really that bad that he doesn’t deserve any chance?

    • Zoki

      If you consider that it was a friendly with a lower tier team and such, yeah, he played really really bad. Every chance he was given in preseason, he mostly sucked. I wouldn’t say don’t give him a chance though, if we manage to be wining some game 3-0 at 70 min, I’d say give him a chance. But I don’t think he will work out for us so might as well send him back.

      • Nerazzuro21

        Ok.Thanks for your response.

    • Inter4Ever

      Worst passing I’ve ever seen, it was like he pressed triangle on full power everytime he got the ball

      • CHRiS

        Lmao great Fifa (game) reference. That’s sucks to hear he did so bad, as I didn’t get to see the friendly where he played. Hopefully we can get rid of dead weight in our full back area this January. And get a quality one to compete with santon