Zenga warns Inter: “We will continue to play offensive”

September 29, 2015 23:24
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“The classic hiccup.” This is what Sampdoria coach Walter Zenga called their defeat in Bergamo by Atalanta on Monday night.

Here is what the former Inter goalkeeper had to say ahead of Sunday’s game with Inter after their defeat:

“Too bad about the result. We were not brilliant, it was an unpleasant evening from the point of view of the game.”

“We have a very technical team, with a playmaker, two strikers and a quality midfielder so sometimes we suffer in defence. One thing however will not change and that is our offensive structure.”

“We want to keep playing as well as we have done so far.”


Source: FcInterNews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • casperv

    Ehh.. thanks for giving up your tactics Walter! 🙂

  • Suhendra

    well, i prefer team who attack us than those who put all men behind the ball

    • DS

      Like Fiorentina?

      I don’t, we evidently can’t handle pressure high up the pitch from our opponents, while we feel comfortable with the teams that sit back.

      The most important thing now is that we don’t lose against Sampdoria, it would be terrible if we had to face Juve with two defeats in a row. If we lose three games in the row it would nullify all the good work from the first five matches..

      • Inter4Ever

        We can handle the pressure with a four man defensive line and melo in the middle… but we can’t do that with 3 and santon as CB

        • DS

          Based on what do you think we could handle pressure? In this six games only Fiorentina pressed us high and they destroyed us in the first 20 minutes. Mancini’s stupid tactical gamble surely had huge part in it, but it was also obivous that our players don’t feel comfortable with the hugh pressure.

          Luckly this is Italian league, most of the teams like to sit back and play slow so we won’t have to handle pressure in most of the games.

          • Inter4Ever

            Dude the first 2 goals were not because of the defence… handa’s ball control and the mid giving too much space for the long shot + handas weird save… I think when santon-miranda-murillo-JJ assemble again, we will be good defensively. We will see what we do against samp who are good at home and are very offensive

          • DS

            Where did I say that we conceded that goals just because of the defence? I’m saying that we as a team don’t handle pressure well, all eleven players..

            And that first goal was a result of pressure, they pressed us high so Medel (if I remember correctly) had to return the ball to Handa, he didn’t handle the ball well and Kalinic pressed him immediately which resulted in a penalty and then the goal. If they weren’t pressing us high Medel wouldn’t have to play the ball back and Handa would have time to correct his mistake.

            Dealing with the pressure is a job for the whole team not just the defence.

            I didn’t watch Samp this season yet so I don’t know if they will press us high up the pitch, but like I already said, I hope we get points, if we manage to do that I don’t care how we play. Although, in the future I certainly want to see much improvement in our play, despite the victories we’ve been playing like shit, stable defence was one of the rare good things.

          • Inter4Ever

            I get what your saying about pressure… but honestly handa should have handled it much better… the pass wasn’t lacking and shouldn’t be considered a part of the mistake

  • Inter4Ever

    If mancini doesn’t try weird tactics we’re fine

    • Abdi

      It doesnt look good my friend. Sampdoria are strong at home, 3 wins out of 3. Eder is on top form. No Jovetic, no Miranda, Murillo doubtful. Nobody knows what formation Mancini will choose. Even the players are confused.