De Laurentiis: “Milan and Inter are behind us.”

September 30, 2015 19:35
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While complaining about the San Paolo stadium, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis took the opportunity to point something else out as well:

“We have entered among the best 16 teams in Europe, Milan and Inter are behind us and Lazio is way behind. Even though the San Paolo is disgusting, which is not our fault because we are not responsible for maintenance, but just the pitch. And that is among the best there is in Italy.”

Source: Radio Kiss Kiss

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • boln

    Said from a guy who want to buy napoli stadium for 20 mil…

  • Bella Soraya

    Ok we will see who behind who after match 38. Keep try hard at mid table along with jube.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Just trolling dont fall for it

  • larukuhyde

    Guys, why are you even angry? 0 trophy last season, 2 italian cup in the last 20 seasons and 2 scudetto, 1 uefa cup and 5 italian cup in the WHOLE HISTORY of the club. I mean that’s not bad for a small to mid size club, but he thinks that’s one of the best 16 teams in europe, enough said.

  • JJ

    I have only indifference against Napoli.. but you De Laurentiis are obnoxious.. SHUT UP

  • Nerazzuro21

    I really hate that guy.

  • mongkih

    meanwhile benitez is dreaming how good that romantic evening was when he’s humping your sorry ass

  • postal

    Better than us as much as Higuain is worth 100 mil euro. 😀

  • Diri D

    Based to what, based to your old pathetic mind ? It’s your dream to be
    ahead Inter bit** but that aint gonne happen any time soon.
    i wonder why and how can you be ahead of inter or milan ?? Did you won the scuddeto NO, champions league NO, Cup Uefa NO ??? WTF is he talkin about.

  • Inter4Ever

    What a douche….

  • interista13

    all the hatred I have for Napoli is solely due this man