Mourinho: “Glad for Sousa but Inter is Inter”

September 30, 2015 13:09
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Ex Inter and current Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has been speaking after his side’s defeat to Porto 2-1 in the Champions League last night, including a question from the Italian journalists at Premium Sport, not forgetting his past at Inter.

“Glad for Paulo Sousa? Yes but Inter is Inter. If Fiorentina and Inter are in the lead for me it is perfect.”



Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • ForzaPazza

    He’s going to come back. He is the best coach in the past 15 years. He’s won everywhere and with different teams.

  • Джокерфен

    Just sack this shit Mancini and replace him with the best-JOSE MOURINHO!

  • goldenalcid

    Anyone thinks the cycle will continue?

  • Theflow

    Love to see you back!

  • Michael Rojas

    He’ll come back after Manini re builds the team to winning and Mou will come back and reinforce the team and win CL

  • Inter4Ever

    Who can hate this guy! PLEASE COME BACK!

  • casperv

    loves how he keeps sending messages of love and effection in our direction! If he continous to lose with Chelski – maybe, just maybe there could a pos. to see him as our coach again (of cause I support Mancini and think he is doing a great job, but as Mou said; “Mourinho is Mourinho”!)