Probable anti-Roma formation features Brozovic and Guarin

October 30, 2015 21:08
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Roberto Mancini was half serious during the pre-game presser today, he seemed in a good mood and joked about his starting line-up.

“Everything is clear, the only doubt is between Samir and Berni, also because Carrizo is injured. We will see in training.”

Someone else than Samir Handanovic in the goal would be a big surprise though. Since Melo is not available for the game due to his red card the last game the midfield should be Guarin, Brozovic and Medel.

Here is the probable line-up: Handanovic; Santon, Miranda, Murillo, Juan Jesus; Brozovic, Medel, Guarin, Perisic; Jovetic, Icardi.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • casperv

    Not playing with wingers (who can help out closing the wing-play from Roma) will be a HUGE mistake!! If Broso or Guarin will get to close down the right and Perisic the left, like against Juve, it’ll make sense but playing 4-3-1-2 will be suicide!

  • Octo

    To be fair anti-football is playing Melo and Medel in the same team xD Shame we don’t get to do that for Roma

  • Oneal

    Only if we can offload Guarin in the winter and get Calhanoglu or Soriano

  • James Alipo

    I disagree 100%, inter should be in the 4-2-3-1 formation if they are going to be able to provide any offense vs Roma, they cant fight this battle in the midfield, it will never work vs roma. Roma has the best midfield in serie a. They should play a 4-2-3-1 play the counter and get the ball out wide. Make roma chase, thats the only way they win this game. Handanovic,Santon,Miranda,Murillo,Juan,Medel,Brozovic,Ljajic,Perisic,Jovetic,Icardi thats the only formation that makes sense

  • Octo

    Why don’t we scrap the 4-3-3 idea, and the 4-2-3-1 idea as well. How about a 4-4-2 similar to Simeone’s Atletico.

    For this match that’d be

    Icardi – Jojo
    Ljajic – Brozovic – Medel – Perisic
    Juan – Murillo – Miranda – Santon

  • Pick

    Sell guarin

  • STFU


  • Wruce Bayne

    it’s anti-birds

  • Grandier Delacour

    Just NO Guarin please..

  • Jamson

    Expecting a repeat of the Fiorientina massacre. Real football played at high level will nearly always trump mediocre anti-football. And don’t be fooled by another fortuitous victory against a poor team, we are not of the quality of Roma, Fiori, Napoli, Juve, etc. The gulf will only become more evident tonight, which is honestly not a bad thing. Mancini is naturally conservative and only brutal reality-checks like the one suffered against Fiorientina will motivate him to evolve his tactics. They may be painful in the short-term, but are only beneficial in the long-term.

    Nonetheless looking forward to watching Pjanic play. He is the type of midfielder we are missing. A footballer rather than a warrior.

    • Grandier Delacour

      Getting rape by roma can also means destroying players mindset too..

    • James Alipo

      wow, i couldnt agree more with you…. You know what this Inter team is missing???? Matteo Kovacic instead of Geoffrey Kondogbia

  • Muridi

    Put kondo and brozovic in midfield and play ljajic and biabiany I want 2 see who is faster gervinho v biabiany and perisic v salah

  • Guarin

    If guarin starts we will will. Mark my words. Hes passes are shit but Sometimes he have the golden monents and thats will winn the game tomorow

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    What about starting with Ljajic-JoJo-Perisic-Icardi and playing some FOOTBALL?

    • Jake

      We are honestly too scared, mancio I think trying to pride us on our defence in sacrifice of too much attacking prowess

      • Peggy Higginbotham


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    • Abdi

      That lineup wouldnt happen even against Frosinone. Not with Mancini anyways.

    • Inter 1998

      Maybe I’m wrong but I think Icardi will be on bench. Mancini maybe want to experimen 4-3-1-2 again with
      Guarin(captain) -Medel – Brosovic
      Ljajic Jovetic

  • kofko

    It will be a big mistake leaving Ljaic on the bench. He had a good game and will be very motivated against his old club. This is a perfect game to play him as a starter. Plus he played with them and knows them well

  • Colin Mc Carthy

    Kondogbia had fairly anonymous performance against Bologna. Can’t afford to have a player like him going missing against Roma if he starts.

    • postal

      Based on Guarin’s performances lately there’s about 20 percent chance he’ll be in beast mode tomorrow. Unless someone puts amphetamines in his coffee, I prefer Kondo as a starter.

      • Colin Mc Carthy

        What about both starting with Kondogbia in DM position or is Medel untouchable in that role?

        • Renato Miglioli

          Medel has been in excellent form, personally I don’t think you can leave him out…

    • kofko

      So you don’t think guarin is missing on the field. Kondo plays twice more with the ball than guaro

      • Colin Mc Carthy

        No what I’m saying is that if Kondogbia starts we need his best performance in an Inter shirt to date dealing with Roma to get the 3 points. We all Freddy can be anonymous and frustrating 80% of the time and then he pops up with a goal or assist and we are struggling in that department

        • Jake

          We just gotta cross our fingers fredy has one of those games where he drives into attack and defence and is a constant danger…hasn’t happened in a long while

        • kofko

          That’s true point about guarin. Let’s hope it will be like the Milan derbi

  • Nerazzurro

    Kondo for Guarin

  • 1NT3R

    So half serious huh…