Ausilio: “Mancini made a technical decision”

October 31, 2015 20:43
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Minutes before Inter’s match against Roma, Nerazzurri sporting director Piero Ausilio spoke to Mediaset Premium. He was asked about Mauro Icardi’s exclusion from the starting 11:

“There is a reason why Mauro did not play. It was a technical choice. Inter have many great players, and Icardi is one of them. We are starting our newest acquisitions in Ljajic, Perisic, and Jovetic. On the bench we have Icardi, Palacio, and Biabiany who will be ready when called upon. The coach made a tactical decision. It will be nice to see D’Ambrosio play for the first time this season. He has been training hard and deserved to get the start today.”



Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Nerazzurro

    if we want to keep this 4-3-3 we really need a creative midfielder

  • dudd

    Imo it was the best tactics game in Mancini’s life.
    He brought in 2 fullbacks that are fresh and fast.
    He removed Icardi, so the attack could keep the ball and cooperate with each other.
    He entered Palacio, to delay the game and have the time pass quick.

    This time he made the subs sooner.

    Great game from Mancini.

    I think that when we play against weaker teams, Icardi should be in, so the formation Changes to 4-2-3-1 and in derbies 4-3-3 like today.

    • Wiktor Łosin

      Well said. Today Mancini’s decision about starting 11 was very unpredictable, but great.

  • Milito22

    how about montoya Mr.Ausilio…

    • Will O

      hahaha not required– to be sold in the next window

  • Inter4Ever

    Has been the right choice. Well played mancini!

  • harendro

    Danilo really did deserved on this game vs roma…he’s fast and strong defensively. Tactic spot on by RM.


      hope we dont see Santon again

    • boln

      And someone in this site always bashing him and said he is DUMBbrosio,lollll

      • Nerazzurro

        that’s me

    • nick

      my honest opinion is, Attacking wise Santon is better, but Dambrosio is defensively more solid than santon, more disciplined and better positioning. same goes to Naga vs Telles.

      As for Juan he’s defensively better than Telles, but lacks speed, and he often run the ball to the touch line (most of the time unnecessarily) cutting out all his passing option, thus putting the team on the back foot.