Mancini to MP: “Super game. Icardi out? Technical decision”

October 31, 2015 23:24
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Roberto Mancini has been speaking to Mediaset Premium tonight after Inter’s 1-0 win against Roma sent them to the top of Serie A.

“At the end of the match I had tears from exhaustion. The players were great and gave little to those from Roma. Both them and us had chances, it was a great game.”

“Icardi out? It was a technical decision because we thought of playing without reference points. He did not say anything.”

“Handanovic has done what is needed from a goalkeeper as in the last minute against Bologna. We know he is a great goalkeeper.”

“Scudetto ambitions? We are at the 11th match, there are five teams within a point of each other. It will be a long and difficult season for all.”

“D’Ambrosio and Nagatomo? We needed two strong and faster players. I’m happy for Danilo, he is a guy who deserves it.”

“Improved today? We were already improved against Bologna and Palermo.”



Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Zoki

    I think we wouldn’t have scored with Icardi. Harsh, but probably true. With Perišić/Ljajić/Jovetić we have so much creativity, and considering that we are playing defensive football and relying on such skill to score, we need such lineups. The only case in which I can see Icardi worthy of starting, is if Mancini starts playing 4-2-3-1.

    • Ahmed Haider Sultan

      i think at the moment icardi would be more useful against the mid table teams

      • Zoki

        Yeah, I’d think Icardi would be best used in 4-2-3-1 offensive formation against weaker opponents. We will lose points to random ties if we play such defensive football against weaker opponents who also lock down.

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      They just need to share the ball..

    • Abdullah Mohammed

      good point, 4-2-3-1 is the way to go

    • Mamoun

      Agreed, but in 2 or 3 occasions , Icardi could have been useful with proper forward runs in the box. Jovetic is mostly efficient when he drops and participate in the build up play and sometimes he had no one to pass to but as u said we needed a solid midflied.
      It will nice to see a 4-2-3-1 formation against weaker teams with Ljajic – Jovetic – Perisic – Icardi

  • ezeqiel

    “Improved today? We were already improved against Bologna and Palermo.” well said..