Mancini to Sky: “They all did well today, great work by the lads”

October 31, 2015 23:21
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After beating Roma 1-0 at home Roberto Mancini stopped to analayze the game with Sky Sport.

“At the end I was not moved, I had the wind in my eyes. Another 1-0? Obviously the defense is important. If you don’t have the foundation then the house will come down, but today was a game that could not finish 3-0. We played against Roma. I don’t know if this is the year, we will have to wait and see. It was not easy and I am happy for the fans as well. The lads deserve all the credit.”

Why was Icardi left out?

“What he said after the Bologna game have nothing to do with it. It was just a tactical decision seeing as we wanted to attack their defenders with other players.”

The new thing might be the wasted counters?

“Surely we should have done better on those counter attacks. At the end it went well, but we need to improve in this.”

Medel is a fundamental element?

“Today they all did great. Gary is amazing, because he can play anywhere and he is also shrewd and technical.”

How come Jovetic was subbed off 25 minutes before the end?

“We needed someone more fresh. Jovetic had worked a lot and I needed someone who attacked the spaces more.”

Ljajic worked harder than ever before.

“He did really well, truly.”

Source: Sky Sport

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Ahmed Haider Sultan


  • sign llajic! hes the truly heir of #22 could be the new prince of milan 🙂

  • HeartBeatsTrue4the BLACK&BLUE

    Finally got it right today Mancio

    Well done and good on you for giving ljajic consecutive games. The boy just needs some sign that the coach and team are behind him

    • ezeqiel

      “Ljajic worked harder than ever before.” that’s the key to be in starting 11..

  • Inter4Ever

    Mancini impressed with Ljajic! HELL YEAH!

    • ezeqiel

      because he change.. he’s more hardworking than before.. and that’s good.. that’s what mancini want from his players… wariors who fight till the end..