Medel: “Happy, goal and a win!”

October 31, 2015 23:01
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Goalscorer and match winner Gary Medel was very happy after the 1-0-win against Roma.

“I am very happy for the first goal, but obviously the most important thing is the team winning. It was very important to win tonight. We have a great team and can win the title. We take it step by step and at the end we will see where we are. We had prepared the game like this, controlling their strikers who are very fast and in shape. D’Ambrosio and Nagatomo did great,” said Medel to Sky.

He was also stopped by Mediaset Premium where he added;

“I am very happy for the goal and the win, we knew this was an important game that could take us past them. I am happy for the fans and my teammates. Icardi out? There are other players, the most important thing is the team.”

Source: Sky and Mediaset Premium


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • blue&black

    Heart and soul of this team!

  • Renato Miglioli

    What a ledge!

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Remember back at our last transfer windows where most people said he’ll be out of starting XI, i said nope…

    He is irreplaceble… Vere underrated.

    • local-sloth

      Iwas one of the guy who actually said that. I certainly missed the important variable that this guy have in abundant for his lack of potential. His heart for our team.

  • Inter4Ever

    I would say give him the armband… but that armband is cursed lol

    • ezeqiel

      because Z4 were too good.. it’s give burden to whoever have that armband.. XD

  • Zoki

    What a fucking game. Handa MOTM followed closely by Medel.

    • Ahmed Haider Sultan

      then the bro

  • CHRiS

    One hell of a goal for it being the first one, a nice touch pass from JoJo too.

    Looks like no one wants to be benched, everyone seemed to go all out. That’s what I love to see. Loving the progress, can’t wait till they gel together

  • postal

    I see a Pitbull, I want to vote him for MOTM, but I see no poll. Wai u do dis, forum?

    • Zoki

      I thank him for his goal, but my MOTM goes to Handanović. Even with Medel’s goal we would have lost if it wasn’t for him.

      • postal

        We lost control of the game immediately after Medel’s substitution. I’m not voting for him solely because of the goal. Handa was also brilliant, tho. Brozo as well.

        • Renato Miglioli

          Yeah it’s a difficult one, all three were quality!