Ag. Ghirardi: “Brozovic & Ranocchia on their way out”

November 28, 2015 21:37
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Felipe Melo - Brozovic

The agent Giorgio Ghirardi was interviewed by about the possible moves for Inter in the January transfer window.

“In January there won’t be a player coming in just for the sake of buying. Mancini will choose with attention, especially for midfield. Should reinforcement arrive it will be a quality one. Pirlo is of course an important player that could be very motivated to return to Italy and win another scudetto with yet another Italian team, Inter. Brozovic could be sold, he is very well liked in England and Inter could cash in on him. Bologna after Biabiany? I don’t think Mancini wants to let the player go, he is doing very well during this part of the season. The redemption fee for Ljajic? It is too early to talk about that now, Inter will decide in April or May. In January either Vidic or Ranocchia will leave Inter, I think it will be the Italian who leaves.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Arvell Skynative

    I dunno where are you guys seeing Brozovic as ‘good’.. Records says the opposite. Last season, he played 15 times and scored 1 goal + 1 assist. It’s still too far even from Guarin who scored 6 goals + 8 assists from 28 matches.

    Also this season, Brozo only have 1 goal so far, while Guaro had 1 goal + 2 assists.

    Brozovic is creative ?
    How many chances he created that makes you said that..?
    Sorry, he doesn’t even have a good technique to trap the ball down on his first touch, let alone to fake a move or to skip past his opponent. Even the much-hated Guarin often could do better on this aspects.

    If he really had a deep potential, he would’ve shown more. Instead i’m seeing this case reminds me of Ruben Botta, where many people said he is a future star, but then nothing really came out of him at the end.

    Kovacic is better, but 35m Euro is too expensive for him so I agreed with the sell, and now we have Kondogbia who is stronger. So now if a decent price is offered to Brozovic I don’t think it is wise to say ‘No’. Better off we sell Brozo out and bring someone skilled like Nasri in. There are enough options in the market for us today.

    • adit wardhana

      “Also this season, Brozo only have 1 goal so far, while Guaro had 1 goal + 2 assists.”

      Well, you definitely missed how many times guarin lose the ball 😀

      Also, you need to see the amount of pass and accuracy percentage of them. Brozo reminds me of Motta. He rarely show flashes, but when he is playing he makes other players around him look good because of his mobility and pass (not necessarily key pass). He does need to make goals and assists as long as he can make his teammates doing so. Guarin in the other hand …

      • Arvell Skynative

        Why would I missed Guarin’s inconsistency..?
        I never said Guarin is a good player either.

        I’m comparing based on the statistics of goals and assists (which is a real contribution in football), and also techniques. And if we know that aside from his contribution Guarin is still not good for our team, then of course Brozovic is not good either. Both of them aren’t particularly good at some aspects.

        It is safe to sell both Guarin and Brozovic when there is a decent offer for them.

        Brozovic is like Thiago Motta..? Aren’t you exaggerating here..? Motta has far better ball control both on and off the air, inspiring passes either long or short. Good free kicks, good first touch too. And also great understanding of the vision of the field.

        We would have in control of the game if we had both Melo and Motta on the field.

  • casperv

    well Broso leaving could because he is here only on loan – remember, and if we want to get someone else in his place a cancelation of his loan deal with option to buy next summer could make sense and could make us save his money…. but personly I like the player, he’s developing into a great midfielder and a very flexible one endeed!

  • ezeqiel

    i don’t believe “probable line up” by the media.. no body can read mancini mind.. we always got a different line up everytime we played..^^

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    About Brozo, calm down guys! It’s just another media bullshit.

  • Boln

    I prefer we dont buy new winger or that creative midfielder than sell brozovic.
    Come on,he is young and complete mid,his work rate is very good,who knows maybe he is a gem and in next few years he will turn to be something great for us

  • Walter White

    Mancini likes Brozovic (as I do to), he said it himself a couple a weeks ago. Brozo will not leave and why would he? He´s been good every game (great against Juventus), he has played and even starting to score. He has great potential and I don´t see reason to sell him or replace him.

    • Boln

      Yeah,spot on mate,who got in tk the starting lineup vs juve,roma?
      It was brozovic,what did that mean?mancini trusts him,i hope this is just bs rumour,

  • Wruce Bayne

    and here we go #SaveBrozovic

    • ezeqiel


  • Octo

    Ok let’s analyse this

    Handanovic – keep
    juan – keep
    dodo – transfer list?
    kondogbia – keep
    palacio – transfer list?
    icardi – keep
    jojo – keep
    biabiany – keep
    telles – keep
    guaro – keep
    monotoya – cancel loan?
    vidic – transfer list?
    medel – keep
    santon – keep
    ljajic – keep
    rano – can’t believe i’m advocating this BUT keep him. i mean who are we going to replace him with if Vidic leaves?
    murillo – keep
    miranda = keep
    gnoukouri – loan out?
    carrizo – keep
    d’ambrosio – transfer list
    perisic – keep
    berni – keep
    nagatomo – transfer list
    brozovic – keep
    melo – keep

    If say 2 of Medel/Murillo/Miranda are injured/suspended (seriously hope it never happens) are we really going to want to play Vidic?? i think not. I’d rather see Rano out there considering how long Vidic has not been playing

    Regarding the fullbacks Juan, Santon and Telles should stay for sure. So we need 1 more right back and should remember Naga’s contract ends in the summer. I’d say transfer list all our extra full backs and sell whichever brings in a decent offer first. Keep the last 1 standing :p Dodo/Naga/D’ambrosio are equally good/bad

    Incoming :

    Try to pick up 1 winger/trequartista. If we can get someone who’s contract’s running down e.g. Feghouli then go for one in both positions

    • jemz

      Hope we win againts napoli, so your list wouldn’t change to sold, sold, sold instead of keep, keep,keep

    • Buck

      Dodô is a loanee so we can’t sell him. As for CB, Juan can play there so Im cool with selling Rano and Vidic if we can, though Vidic is injured/had surgery or something right? So that wouldn’t work.
      I like your list though, good points.

  • febri haryadi

    I prefer guarin n vidic leave inter than brozo n rano

    • Boln

      I prefer guarin,rano and vidic all go

  • Eusebio

    I’m open to Brozovic leaving if it means we get a better MF

    • jemz

      He may leave, but not now. Searching midfielder in January isn’t smart operation, we will only end up to younger and raw version of brozovic himself. There is no urgency to selling him in January. Besides, I think brozo has huge potensial.

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    wtf brozovic has been fantastic recently, he is just starting to find his rhythm in inter

    • Buck

      Which means its time for inter to sell… DUH. Thats our thing, thats what we do haha. (coutinho would be the prime example for that, kova too but we sold him for cash which I understand)

  • postal

    No to Brozo leaving. He’s developing into a fine player.

  • Zoki

    Why would we sell Brozović? Unless this amount on which we would “cash out” is huge, I’d rather keep him.

    • jackabood

      tbh, I don’t think anyone (feasibly) in our team could fetch 12-15m. and as everybody knows it’s much harder to sell a lot of players.(same case with kovacic) so the management could be tempted to sell brozovic.

    • JAY

      nope we are not that smart to get enough for him, any offer like 15m and we are dumb enough to sell

      • Boln

        I doub that,since in last mercato lyon offered us 12-13 mil and we said no

      • ezeqiel

        we’re not in branca era.. so i doubt we would sell him for 15m.. ^^

        • Boln

          If it were branca era,he would swap brozo with padoin + 2 mil…
          That fucker must be a double agent or he gets the share of transfer money from the stupid deal,
          That fucker even still give us burden with his taider and schelotto shit,that is why no one wants to employ that cocksucker,because no human can be more stupid than him

    • Mamoun

      Especially that he is currently our only creative midfielder