Inter wants Kramaric in January

November 29, 2015 16:40
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According to Football Italia there could be big competition between the Italian teams for Andrej Kramaric. The 24 year old who isn’t getting playing time because of Jamie Vardy’s insane form could leave Leicester in January. Sky Sport reports that Inter, Milan and Juventus have made the first steps for a possible transfer in January and that contacts with the agent of the player have been taken. Kramaric was rumored to the Serie A before he joined Leicester which is another sign for a move in January.

Source: Football-Italia

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • James

    The only reason he does not play is because Jaime Vardy is more favored by the coach and just beat RVN premier league record when he scored in 11 straight matches. It is like having 2 good players but whoever scores continues to play. He has played less than 30 minutes this year. I feel it would be awesome if we can loan or maybe “trade loans” with them and give him some playing time. He is still young and would be able to communicate well with the likes of jovetic,perisic and ljajic. I think it is good idea to get him. He has good dribbling and amazing eye for goal so far.

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    he is not enough to play for Leicester then he is not good enough for inter

    • Inter 1998

      Yup. Can u imagine if this guy doesn’t get playing time in Leicester then WHAT THE HELL he must go to Inter?

  • febri haryadi

    He can be our next julio cruz

  • Theflow

    Juve? As if Mandzukic, Morata, Zaza and Dybala is not enough….
    Milan Dont need another striker with Ballotelli, L.Adriano and Bacca.
    Inter would be best option .

  • TQ

    icardi can be as good as him, we just need someone who can deliver the balls to icardi and he will score lots of goals. but yeah having kramaric in our team as backup is not a bad idea.

  • Josip

    Damn that would be good move,hes good i watched him live lots of times when he played for HNK Rijeka in Croatian first division,he can score goals he always has even when he was a kid he scored over 100 goals in 100 apperances for Gnk Dinamo Zagreb youth setup…i know quite a lot about him and i think he could turn out to be great striker and i do not think he would be expensive myb 10M max..he is more mobile then Icardi and could be a cheap bit great option for rotation with Mauro…

  • casperv

    seems like a player who could replace Icardi without a problem! And he even seems to be more mobile than him, which is what Mancini wants!

  • casperv

    another Croatian and another Balkan-warrior!

  • INTer

    bring him in

  • Colin Mc Carthy

    I wonder how much cheaper he will be sold for compared to the £9.7 million sterling that Leicester paid?

    • Boln

      Depend on the man who negotiate for the player,if it were ausilio it would be 5 mil euro,but if it were galiani the condor it would be 15 mil euro….

      • Andrian Zanetti

        Ausilio will use his proven Inter formula.
        A loan this winter with redemption fees in 2017 paid in installments.

  • Octo

    Would be good but I’d rather we get Feghouli tbh—probably cheaper

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    That would be great!

  • Boln

    Will be good for vice icardi…

    • harendro

      Then he still wont get playing times, even icardi is not a guarantee starter

      • Boln

        Nah,he will,palacio contract will be expired next year,who knows he wil go in january