Mancini: “Beating Napoli would give us a huge boost”

November 29, 2015 16:11
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Roberto Mancini met the press before tomorrow’s big match against Napoli and had the following things to say:

“In these games the players needs to give all they’ve got and they also need to know when they can and have to attack to score. At the moment we’re in front of Napoli and this is very important. It will be an important test because it’s also the first time this season we’re playing a big game outside of San Siro. There are many teams that are close to us but at the end of the game the result won’t change much because I believe that we will all be fighting until the very end.”

The game has been presented as Higuain vs Icardi and Mancini commented both strikers:

“Gonzalo has an international experience that Mauro is yet to get. It’s to hard to compare them now, Mauro has to walk his own path and he needs to go through delusions as well as successes. In the end I’m sure he will become a great striker because he knows how to score, he will be a great goalscorer.”

Mancini hasn’t used the same formation and players in any game of the Serie A and asked whether he would change against Napoli as well this is what the coach had to say:

“In a game like the one against Napoli anything could happen, a change of formation or a change of players, the coach is focused on making it hard for the opponents. It is hard to know what could be a decisive solution. In the end, the teams who score and don’t let goals in are the ones who win the championships. Winning against Napoli would give us an enourmous boost, but we must never forget that there are many, to many games until the end.”

On who will start Mancini had a joke for the press:

“6-7 players are always starting and 3-4 players are rotating so that they are always ready. I will reveal one of the starters: Handanovic.”

In the last big game against Roma, Inter was solid in defense and were ready to hit on the break:

“We beat Roma with Ljajic, Perisic, Brozovic and the wingers who helped out in defense. The great teams defend well, you can’t leave to many players in the offensive half when you are only six in defense. Against Roma in the Champions League, Messi tracked back and took a yellow card when they were leading with 5-0. The great teams defend together.”

To conclude, Mancini had a brief comment on whether he preferred entertaining football or results:

“Everyone sees entertaining football in different ways, those who win in the end do so because they have the best team. The results are always at base for the final position. Then some games are strange, at Sampdoria we went to San Paolo and won 4-1 but in the first half we could’ve been down 0-3.”


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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Zoki

    Roma just got manhandled on home ground, losing 2-0 against Atalanta in 83rd minute. Imagine if we win tomorrow, 5 points above Napoli and 6 above Roma.

    • mongkih

      exactly what am gonna say :)). if we manage to bring home a 3 pts it would be nice to say Ciao capital pups

      • Zoki

        3 red cards haha. Crazy match

    • Boln

      They are missing salah and that humiliation in barcelona was taking effect in that match..

      • Zoki

        How it happened doesn’t really matter IMO. In the end all that count is that they lost 3 points in a game that league-winners should win tbh, especially on home ground.

        • Boln

          Yeah, i just want to tell you what i think about the match man,even in the 2nd half no improvement from them,
          Yeah,in the end what matters is they lost and if we win tomorrow we will be +6 from them,:D

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        Adding to this, Rudi Garcia sucks!

        • Boln

          Not just sucks,he is stupid,thinking he will win every match with offensive wingers but played mediocre centrebacks,

      • casperv

        But still; ATALANTA!!

        • Boln

          Come on man,atlanta is not that bad, if you watch their two little wingers,especially alejandro gomez,you will know how good this team offensively

          • casperv

            I know they are strong, but we are talking about a team like Roma who wants to win the Scudetto – and they didn’t just loose 0-1, but 0-2!!

          • Boln

            Roma’s problem and always problem is inconsistency…
            Like i said earlier their cbacks and gk are mediocre.their focusing too muck on the attack gets back to them,but they will be come back for sure,and meanwhile we must win so we can increase the gap with them:D

    • Dimitris_Inter

      Dont afraid of Roma. Juventus is real danger. They will reach the top spots soon.

      • Renato Miglioli

        Sadly I agree with you….and it’s a big ‘if’ for beating Napoli!