Mancini to Sky: “We didn’t deserve to lose”

November 30, 2015 23:55
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When he was interviewed by Sky, Roberto Mancini tried to analyze a performance by Inter that was rather good: “I would have rather won 1-0, a beautiful game even in the first half. We gave away a goal with a mistake that you can’t to do and after that it was a balanced game, Napoli is among the best in the league and can create difficulties. On top of that the most absurd expulsion that ruined a beautiful game. The mistake of the referee is clear, well done by Callejon to simulate the first foul, Nagatomo was naive not to stop on the second foul knowing he had already been warned. But even the referee can’t give a yellow in the 40th minute in that area of ​​the field, knowing that it leaves a team with ten men. Felipe Melo and Medel were warned, we must also think about the next games, Melo will be warned for a sneeze (laughs) and I decided to keep him for the next match.”

Did Inter perhaps suffer at San Paulo from a hurricane unleashed by Higuain?
“It happens, Murillo saved many but Higuain is amazing and he knows how to turn a half chance into a goal, the goal by the way was not easy. Today, Reina also gave his best but Higuain makes a difference in this Napoli. In the end we thought we would score, which unfortunately did not go well.”

Did Inter almost play better down to ten men?
“It’s a coincidence, maybe it imbalances you and makes you play better, but today we also risked a lot down to ten. Losing a game like this can happen, you can not always win. We didn’t deserve to lose but that’s what happened.”

There’s talk of an Inter that plays bad football, does this game change the judgments?
“It’s like the discussion about my license, sometimes people are speaking without knowing anything. The team can improve, it has some shortcomings and we are working, but we are second in the standings, we can not please everyone but we did something good.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Oluwaseun Adebayo

    This is why i love Morinho…… Every game is a big game for him and a most to win. I noticed one thing about Mancini, he doesn’t take important matches serious.

  • I miss Marco Branca

    Did Mazzarri give his book of Excuses to you Mancini ? face it, a good coach who has no European commitments can take a team with Vucinic, Pepe, Estigarribia, Krasic etc…….and win against big teams that have players like Ibra/Silva/Nesta/Seedorf/Gattuso…….you on the other hand can’t get the job done against the big teams…..0-0 with juve, 4-1 beating to Fiorentina and now 2-1 to Napoli. If you learned anything today it should have been this “other than Handanovic any other player Branca hand picked f****in sucks !! ” Another 15-16 players worth Over 250-300 million euros total and your catenaccio may take you to CL but remember this: YOU WILL NEVER DO IN YOUR LIFETIME WHAT ALLEGRI DID IN HIS FIRST SEASON AS COACH OF JUVENTUS !!

    • ezeqiel

      wellcome back sucker!!! LOL hahahaha….

    • MrAwesomeness


      Juventis is shit too. I guess shit and shit walks good together.

      • I miss Marco Branca

        8 trophies in 4 years and no 4-1 losses in over 5 years doesn’t sound like a shit team to me……but I suppose losing 4-1 to Cagliari or 4-1 Fiorentina or 5-1 to whatever that english team’s name was in Europa league years back is a demonstration of a good team right ? lol…….another 250 million spent on players and even Zeman could win the scudetto for Inter !

  • Alphonse

    San Paulo? Maybe Sao Paulo? 😀 But being serious, Mancio, you didn’t put the best 11 this time, you even gave two significant weaknesses in the name of Nagatomo and Guarin, which Napoli exploit mercillessly. Hope for another change of a leader.

  • Zoki

    Can’t disagree with him. The only positive thing out of Nagatomo’s red card is that he won’t be able to play in the next game.