Ausilio: “We’ll see if we’ll get someone in January”

November 30, 2015 22:01
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Piero Ausilio gave an interview to Mediaset Premium before kick-off in tonight’s 2015/16 Serie A encounter against Napoli.

He began: “It’s important for us to perform well tonight. We’ve racked up lots of points but we can and must do better still. We have lots of new players and we’re still getting a feel for our best set-up. We have to try and become more of a team. We have to play to the very best of our ability tonight but whatever the result it won’t change much. This game is just one step towards the next 24 matches.”

The sporting director went on to discuss possible Janauary transfers. “The coach hasn’t asked for anyone specific. We’ve had a look at things and we’ll probably let two or three of the lads who haven’t played so much go out on loan so they can get some experience. We’ll see further down the line if we need to bring someone in but we’re ok for now. There’s no chance of Biabiany leaving – he’ll be here with us for a long time.”

Is Pirlo someone Inter are tracking? “There’s not a lot to track. Everyone know what Pirlo’s about. We have lots of good midfielders and we expect to carry on as we are.”

There was also a question about Roberto Mancini’s frequent change of formation. “I agree with Mancini when he says there are teams like Roma, Napoli and Juventus who are ahead of us because they’ve had longer to build their teams. They haven’t changed all that much. We’re at the start of a new project and we brought in 11 new players in the summer, many of them on deadline day. We want to keep on this path we’re on.

“The coach studies our opponents carefully but he starts with a strong, quality squad to choose from then picks the players he feels are best suited to each particular game. With Ljajic, Perisic and Icardi up top and Guarin and Brozovic in midfield, we’ve put out an attacking line-up tonight.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • FreyZa

    Yes pleaseee piero get rid of Guarin, Palacio, Vidic, D’ambro (hope all them leave in January) n bring in Pirlo n one striker like Kramarijc or Calleri.. 🙂

  • goldenalcid

    Maybe, Higuain?

    • casperv

      LoL!! Hoepfully Arsenal goes for him and Liverpool shells our on Icardi we´ll get money to invest!

  • Bella Soraya

    I dont expect new comer sir. I only expect get rid of naga, guarin, and rano. And tou will be my hero of the year sir..!! Get lacazatte or Fegouhli, or even Erik Lamela is a bonus,but if you get rid of them you deserve a medal..!!

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    mister please :
    one more winger bcz perisic is meh
    one more right back bcz ambrosio is just not good enough
    one creative player/regista, a thigh motta type player bcz i don’t want guarin to attempt to pass again

  • Alp Derya

    just sell icardi and get lacazette… icardi does not even try to do anything! enough with this ignorant icardi…. while he has still that bandwagon effect, we should sell him for sure!

    • harendro

      I still believe in icardi, but when i saw ljajic spearheading the 2nd half, man this guy is awesome. Put Jojo in the mix, then we are superb. If 40M+ offer arrive, is okay to sell Icardi, he cant even hold the ball up like dzeko or mandzukic or even peter crouch though he have that lethal instinc up front. However, in terms of playing football, ljajic+perisic is much better.

  • Oneal

    Not we’ll see, you will for sure. NAGATOMO, RANO AND GUARIN OUT for fucks sake

    • Boln

      He already tried to offload them,but no one wants to pay deservely for them