VOTE: Who is your Man of The Match vs Napoli?

November 30, 2015 23:09
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Inter lost away at Napoli with 1-2 in day 14 of 2015/2016 Serie A. Inter played 45 minutes with one man less but couldn’t stop Higuain who scored two incredible goals. Inter managed to get one goal back and in the end of the game the Nerazzurri hit the post twice in one minute and Napoli could grab a win.

Who stood out for you in black & blue? Cast your vote below for the Man of the Match.

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • casperv

    Don´t understand this; Ljajic is getting every vote but he wasn´t great in the 1. half – but Borzo was a beast in Both 1. and the 2. half and should have more than the current 5% of our votes! Even Miranda played a great game and so did Ljajic of cause in the 2. half!

  • Emon

    Ljajic is a beast

  • syahrul sembarang

    If we were chelsea fans, i bet we will ask mou to sell hazard n cesc..haha

  • Bella Soraya

    Ljajic. His passing was Sneijder class. And the goal was in difficult position. If we buy him for 12 mil, I would say that a stealing. (I wanna steal Pjanic too,to trade with Perisic,lol)

  • kofko

    We played better without Icardi. Weird but somehow logical. Liajic is in great form. Guarin was playing hide and seek all game..

  • Tri Avianto Dayanun

    my MOTM is Ljajic, we need more player like him who can make a difference.
    Despite bad result, I’m so proud how the Team play especially in the 2nd half, it’s hard to play with 10 men against Napoli but the Team keep fight until last minute, unfortunately 2 great chance to create goal only hit the goalpost.

  • Alp Derya

    just sell icardi and get lacazette… icardi does not even try to do anything! enough with this ignorant icardi…. while he has still that bandwagon effect, we should sell him for sure! the only good thing this match, was seeing medel wearing the captain armbrand

  • Alex

    1- Ljajic: For carrying the whole offense on his shoulder
    2- Miranda: Did everything right except the second goal… made better passes than Medel and Guarin.
    3- Brozovic: Ran 2nd most after Medel but 1st in running effective.

    But the real MOTM is Lord Nagatomo for ruining the game from the 1st half!!

    • Ahmed Haider Sultan

      actually murillo is at fault for the second goal, he played higuan onside

      • Bella Soraya

        And he cant block or steal Higuain ball. But Higuain just Higuain,still labeled world class striker.

    • Bojan Ristic

      Nagatomo didn’t deserve second yellow card. He wasn’t good, but he wasn’t that bad either.

  • Theflow

    Cheer up lads. I have seen one of the best games of inter in terms of fluid attacking and ball possesion football. We were just unlucky. Never play Nagatomo again please. By the game displayed today with 10 man against Napoli we don’t have to fear at all. We played better. We can go all the way this season.

    • MrAwesomeness

      I think they sucked ass. They couldn’t handle the press from Napoli. I also think Mancini is over his head. I’d rather play Dodo than freaking Nagatomo. I’d play Juan Jesus for sure or Telles why in hell did he pick Nagatomo?

      • Theflow

        Sucked is ass is too much. I agree with you that the 2 goals that we conceded were defensive error mainly because of the high pressure of Napoli. But it is never easy Napoli away. And Nagatomo should be never selected again. But the ref was a scumbag too. But they wat inter played the second half was very decent. Good combinations and they created a lot of chances with only 10 men. 11 against 11 we should have won or at least drawn against them.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    I just hope that it was the last time that I’ve seen that Yotu “THE STUPID” Nagatomo in our shirt…

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    we want to sell brozovic ? fuck me in the ass if inter sell brozovic …we should be fucking selling this fuck boy guarin

    i can’t believe how ljajic transformed our attack, MOTM for me

    • Alex

      Guarin is not Sellable… Only good players are sellable, but we absolutely should not sell Brozovic,,, He’s easily the next Pjanic in Serie A…

      • leputa

        lol yes, Guarin has no value

  • Almir Hucic

    Icardi was again worthless… Jovetic instead of Icardi with Ljajic and Perisic would work much better. Kondogbia, Melo, Biabiany midfield. Please sell Nagatomo or leave him out of the squad.

    • leputa

      Icardi doesn’t get service

      • jemz

        I’m tired with this excuse

  • Wasim

    Brozovic is getting better game by game no way we can sell him, his performances against the biģger teams have been awesome. Ljajic is also on great form. Let it continue guys, we just need a a winger and playmaker and we’re ready to win the league..Please get rid of deadwood this January including Nagatomo

  • JJ

    we have Napoli fans undercover voting for Naga as MOTM.. lolll

  • JJ

    again and again and again.. Ljajic MOTM

  • Omar Banegas

    Im so proud of being an interista! Performances like this are the ones that inter deserve, no doubt we were the best team today

  • Zoki

    I was completely fine losing this match, but the ending…This shit made me furious. I won’t be able to sleep peacefully tonight. So fking mad.

    Anyway, Ljajić my MOTM.

    • Mamoun

      At least we had a good reaction in the second half and actually played some good football, it is encouraging and ljajic was indeed world class.