Mancini: “A good test to get back in form”

December 30, 2015 19:59
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Roberto Mancini commented Inter’s loss against PSG in the following way:

“It was the first game after a week of rest, it was a game that we needed to get back in form and I hope it helped. PSG is a very strong team even though many players were missing. It was a good game and we’re working to keep on doing what we’ve done until now. We are trying to give everything we got and it would be great if we could remain in this place until the last three games of the season. We can’t forgot what our target is, to return into the Champions League”

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • I miss Marco Branca

    the annual january collapse has started early….inter have 2 losses in a row before the new year starts !

  • macanoo muriidi

    I do not understand what our intentions are, the winter transfer market is upon us and we don’t know what our goals are, the only thing that we r missing is a director and selling couple of Players simple as that focus mancini

  • Alphonse

    Guys, how was today’s match? I couldn’t watch it because I was busy… does it was a typical friendly game like Mancini do (sth like ‘I don’t care about this game’). Anything important was today?

    • ezeqiel

      typical mancini friendly.. testing our reserve and our young player..

      • Alphonse

        thank you…

    • Seiya20n

      exactly just testing- I was exited as ESPN was broadcasting the game, but well at least the young players do run a lot-

      • Alphonse


    • frigo

      If you ask me, this friendly shown that we’re still far away from the highest level. Of course we know that, but i was hoping that we can compete with teams like PSG. Anyway, there’s a progress. Maybe not enough, but we showed some grow, especially in the first half, with good combinations between Ljaic, Jovetic, Kondogbia, Perisic, Brozovic. We missed some important players like Miranda, Murillo, Telles, Melo, Icardi. But also PSG was without David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Motta, Di Maria, Pastore, Cavani. We have good foundations, but we still need a few players who can make the difference, if we wanna compete in such a strong tournament like Champions League.